US Pilots Wanted

US customers are now hearing the news that GM are offering a new round of sales incentives – Saab included. Just don’t try and find them.

SaabUSA has diddly-squat about what’s actually being offered, though they have named this mystery-incentive event as the Test Pilots Wanted program, which ends on September 5.

Word around the web is that most of these GM incentive programs for the summer will centre around continuing the 0% financing offer that formed the base of the recent 72 hour sale. The Detroit News are also talking about a $500 cashback on the 2006 9-3 SS and the 9-7x.

The Test Pilots Wanted program has its own microsite, which you can view here. One of the groovy features of the microsite is a compare box, where you can line up several carefully selected features of your chosen Saab against its carefully selected key opposition.


Free tip for Jay: “Test Pilots Wanted” doesn’t roll off the tongue anywhere near as nicely as the plain old “Pilots Wanted” promo in the UK. I, for one, can’t figure out what the addition of the word “Test” does to make this campaign any more relevant than the UK one. If you’re going to make it more awkward to say an read there should be a real reason as to why.

Call me picky.

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  1. I wouldn’t be too hard on them for adding the word “test.” Sounds okay to me, and test pilots are a much more revered group of people in the USA than just ordinary pilots.
    The thing that bugs me about SaabUSA is their non-responsiveness to customers. I emailed once to ask a question—no response. I requested literature through their website on the 9-3—three months later no response. Plus, where are the Hirsch performance products—not available in their largest market. When you’re finished with your new leader down under(I forgot his name), send him to the USA please.

  2. “Test” pilot huh ? Most people know their job is to test fly experimental vehicles that are still “half baked”, thus their lives are more at risk than the typical pilot. Is that the message Saab USA wants its potential customers to perceive ? Maybe I’m reading too much into it.

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