US Sales data – June 2006

salesgraph Jan June 2006.jpg

That looks dramatic, doesn’t it!

As expected, Saab sales in the US were down plenty in June 2006.

June 2005 saw the kick-in of the Employee Pricing for Everyone scheme, which led to massive sales in June and July, but these were at the cost of sales that should have occurred later in the year.

So, June sales for 2006:

9-2x – 122 units sold (vs 1999 last year)
9-3 – 2,194 units sold (vs 3608 last year)
9-5 – 439 units sold (vs 691 last year)
9-7x – 540 units sold (vs 316 last year)

Total sales – 3295 units sold (vs 6614 last year)

That’s a drop of 50.18% for June. Sales year-to-date are down 15.6%.

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  1. The “net profit per sale” chart would look a lot better for 2006, I bet.

    Comparing anything to last summer’s madness is sheer folly IMHO. It would be more useful to compare 2006 to 2004.

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