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Interesting point emailed to me by Jochen about Saab sales in Germany for January to May 2006.

As we know, Saab sales were up 15% for the period, which was good news.  The surprising news that I didn’t notice in the stats, was that the 9-7x had sold 45 units for the period, outselling the Volvo S80, and the 9-7x isn’t even officially sold in Germany!


From a GM Europe press release:

General Motors’ luxury brands, Cadillac, Corvette and HUMMER, performed well…..

Saab isn’t counted by GM as one of their luxury brands. 

Gaywheels label it as one, however.  And what’s more the 9-3 range is one of the most checked out vehicles by the LGBT community, the Saturn Sky being the winner in that regard. 

Revealing for the first time specifically which vehicles the LGBT consumer is considering, released a list of the 10 vehicles most researched by LGBT car buyers.

While Saturn’s newly introduced sport coupe topped the list, the Toyota Yaris, the Dodge Caliber, the Volkswagen Jetta, the Audi A3, the Saab 9-3 and the Toyota Prius were also among the top 10 gay-favorite automobiles…..

….LaMuraglia said the data also challenges the generalization that the LGBT community is only interested in luxury vehicles. Only two luxury brands, Audi and Saab, were among the top 10.

They’re not high luxury, but they’re certainly not regarded as garden-variety here in Australia, where the cheapest 9-3 Linear will cost you $40,000.

Perhaps this segment-identity issue is one that hampers the flattened US market?


Non Saab related:

I’m sure Toyota’s rock solid rep for reliability etc hasn’t been effected one iota from this:

Toyota to spend millions on Tundra recall (Autoblog)

Or this (unrelated), via Automotive News email alert:

Local Japanese police have brought a criminal case against three current and former Toyota Motor Corp. officials on suspicion they delayed filing a recall report despite knowing of a vehicle defect for about eight years, Toyota said on Tuesday


And finally, a fantastic Saab O The Week picture, sent in to me by Adrian from San Francisco….

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  1. LGBT!… disgusting.
    Time for me to get out of Saab. Who wants to drive a car that is preferred by a bunch of ?/<<#

  2. Victor,

    It ain’t my bag either, but if you’re going to think like that then you’ll have to stop breathing, drinking water……

    It’s about Saab sales, not lifestyles.

    Please folks, lets leave it at that in terms of the story and Victor’s comment.


  3. Well, perhaps I can’t leave it well enough alone, but I’ve never understood why sexual preference made a difference in any other facet of life. A man is a man and a woman is a woman — why bother with who they have sex with, much less what cars they prefer when sorted accordingly!

    I do understand the correlation between lifestyle and cars, but I fail to see the correlation between cars and sexual preference.

    I guess that I’m saying that lumping any one segment into a single ‘lifestyle’ choice isn’t right no matter what you’re talking about. Especially cars.

    A new colleague of mine asked upon learning where I live, “Oh. So what kind of SUVs do you and your wife drive?” Of course, I was able to say, “Non-existant ones, I guess.” You see, he was pigeonholing me into a group that he thinks drives SUVs exclusively. We don’t. I find that a little insulting, and so I believe should every homosexual that reads statistics like that.

  4. eggsngrits: I don’t want intolerance of other’s lifestyles to prevent people from participating in the SAAB community. By showing a bias against LBGT people, it turns them away.

    You’re entitled to your opinion, and when expressed I’m entitled to express my opposition to it.

  5. ’85 Grip: You didn’t express opposition– you dismissed him and his opinion. That’s intolerance.

    Victor wasn’t actually being intolerant, either. He said that he didn’t like gays and that may cause him to change is view of a CAR. All opinion, no intolerance.

    See, these words get twisted by people that want to polarize our society. I can’t stand it!

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