Wednesday Snippets

Either somebody’s got a good sense of humour, or Saab are showing some rather unorthodox behaviour.

Want an Aero-X?

There’s one for sale at German car trader website, Autoscout.

Aero-X for sale.jpg

Hurry. This one won’t last!


A big welcome to the Italian Saab Car Club, who join us on the side bar.

I’m still upset about the way you guys beat Australia in the World Cup, but seeing you’ve got a Viggen on the front page of your site, I guess I can forgive and forget 😉


Thanks to ‘Z’, I’ve just managed to get a hold of the new Saab Performance Team video, featuring the new 2007 9-3 Sport Sedan.

Unfortunately I’m having loading problems with the computer, so it might be a couple of hours before I can get it up on the site.

Stay tuned though. It looks cool.

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  1. Is this a way of testing the market…?
    If so, can they provide for a few more of those at that price and cutting the cost for producing it we have ourself a new model for sale.

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