2007 ‘vert review

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This is the first test I’ve seen that claims to be a MY2007 road test. I’m a little skeptical as there’s no photos, though he does mention the remodelled interior, so I’m not so skeptical as to call the author a liar.

The review is distributed via Scripps News, and was written by Richard Williamson.


Driving around Dallas during the hottest summer on record, I made a conscious decision to keep the roof of the Saab 9-3 Aero Convertible firmly latched against the withering rays of the sun. I’m pleased to report that the blue ragtop provided excellent insulation.

With twilight temps dipping into the 90s, it seemed prudent to drop the top, a brief process that required little more than parking the car and pushing a button on the dash. Even with the breeze, I decided to keep the air conditioner blowing in the afterglow.

Little did he know you could actually open it up whilst still moving!


Whether you drive with the top up or down, the 9-3 is one of the most athletic cars on the road, comparing very favorably with the benchmark BMW 3-Series. Like a well designed running shoe that seems to improve your performance, the 9-3 responds beautifully to every input.

The Convertible has been a Saab mainstay for 20 years now and it’s survived all three model re-designs during that period because it’s a fantastic and genuine alternative to the other, better know Euro convertibles on the market.

It’s fair to say that the Convertible does the job in its segment that we all wish the Sport Sedan could do. i.e. acquire genuine appreciation as a worthwhile competitor to the big Germans.

…..the Aero Convertible is a real European car, identifiable by its strong, but not harsh, suspension and its powerful disc brakes. The sport-tuned suspension feels wonderfully nimble.

…..Unlike its German rivals, the 9-3 Aero is a front-drive car, a layout that some enthusiasts see as a drawback. Frankly, I prefer the front-drive design, even though it makes the car front-heavy. After many years of driving on icy highways in Colorado, I can vouch for the greater sense of control that comes with front-drive.

High-performance front-drive cars have also been castigated for their torque steer, a tendency for the uneven turning of the front wheels to steer the car in one direction or the other. That is easily overcome by the steering wheel. And the feeling of the front-tire torque can be exhilarating.

Amen brother! Embrace your torque steer.


The Saab Convertible just seems to get better with age. The body and roof colors, better standard audio and the cleaned up dash (ok, more mass market dash for some) should hopefully see it win over a bunch of new ‘converts’ in 2007.

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  1. Welcome to 2007, Matt. The top-dash SID has been ditched in favour of a dash-placed smaller variant.

    Hard to swallow? You know who to thank.

    I think the dash does look cleaner and I’m over my original opposition to losing the button layout. But losing the SID was just dumb if you ask me.

  2. The new dash is really growing on me. GM parts or not, it’s simply visually more “zen” and functional, esp. with the chrome bezel a la C900.

    Lose the SID ….. yahooo !!! (sorry guys, trying to rub it in)

  3. well as far as i know and i think im 100% right in this they have only started to build MY07 in the last 2 weeks so there is not a snow balls chance in hell that he is driving a MY07. i`m on the other side of the pond to the lads in the US and we dont even have MY07 yet.

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