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Constable 35696 has now been sworn in to the Victorian Police, with myself and the rest of his family in attendance. All very proud.

His first action as cop?

Go get half price McDonalds!

Postings may be slow for the next day or so as we celebrate the occasion.


Australian Saab sales were reported today.

Australian figures year to date at the end of June were among the best for Saab anywhere (in % rise terms).

That trend was reversed in July as Saab sales fell 17.6% for the month.

Saab Australia are still in the black for the year-to-date, at 37.8%

Saab Oz moved 98 vehicles in July and have moved 1.076 for the year so far.


Finally, consider this the inaugural infra red SOTW photo. Love IR.

From Flickr


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  1. Evenin all, suggest the new officer nabs a bloke in a blue viggen tracking fast…

    I’ll note his number so that when drive the ocean road from Melbourne to Apollo Bay,I can avoid a speeding fine- obviously…

    Infra red shot show why no one should ever orde a 9-3 in base white…

    Anything you say may be taken down and used in a blog….

  2. Promised I wouldn’t post for a week, but I can’t stand it, you gotta see this photo!

    Love the IR myself too, but also check out item number 280014537068 on http://www.ebay.com. The photo could easily qualify for a SOTW photo, beautiful.

    I would’ve posted the link, but it looked too long to fit.

  3. Ted, don’t dare stay away. No penalties here.

    That’s certainly a clean looking car, though the phrase “the odometer cable has been cut” is a bit of a worry.

    Lance, I’d like to think the new constable can’t be bought, but then again I’ve known him since the day he was born. Beer can quite possibly buy you any amount of leniency, I’m afraid.

  4. I don’t need to get anyone to get too in-depth with the description, but how do you shoot a photo in IR?

    Can you do it with a digital camera or do you have to do it on film and then scan it?

    I originally thought the photo was a negative of a black car when I first saw it, but now looking at it that wouldn’t make sense as the door moulding would have been white. Is there a way to simulate a negative with a digital camera, or do you have to Photoshop it?

    I rather like the white SAAB. You don’t see them in white too much (to lance’s relief, apparently). I remember seeing a print ad last year of a white Infiniti G35 coupe (Nissan Skyline outside the States, I believe) with white wheels. It actually looked really nice.

    Now I don’t know about a SAAB. However, many of their prototypes and concepts have been white (the 1984 SPG, Aero-X, hybrid).

  5. Gripen,
    If you haven’t Googled yet, this site explains it in detail for digital cameras:

    I’ve got to try it some day with my Fuji Finepix. The concept is simple:
    1) Remove the IR blocker from the camera if it has one (the CCDs are sensitive to IR)
    2) Add an IR filter to admit only the IR
    3) Take pictures

  6. Thanks for the info, Ted.

    I have a digital camera, but it’s a “point and shoot”, not an SLR so I guess it’s no dice for me.

    It requires a hardware modification to the digital SLR so I’m not sure I’d feel comfortable disassembling the camera body to remove the IR filter from the CCD. I guess if it was on an older secondary camera, then maybe I would.

  7. Gripen:
    I was a bit premature about the removing the IR blocker part (going from defective memory). That’s for “purists.”
    Most digital cameras can shoot IR to some degree (based on the linked site) just by adding the IR filter. As long as your camera has threads for adding filters, there’s no mods to the camera.

  8. Talking of the 93, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the leading UK magazine WHAT CAR- a sister publication of AUTOCAR has just this week announced that its new long term test 93 sport combi wagon has broken.

    There is only one problem- its the turbo – which stopped at 5,000 miles – thats 5K miles folks. It was replaced under warranty of course and had an electonic cause- but it is not a good advert is it…

    But they like it t’other wise- especially the seats and cabin plus the ride and space.

    Thing is though, it broke!

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