Aero-X at Pebble Beach

From Saab USA:


The Saab Aero X Concept made a star appearance yesterday at the 56th edition of the Concours d’Elegance in Pebble Beach, California. Marking the first time ever that a Saab concept car participated in this prestigious event, the Aero X was entirely at home in the company of other high-end cars such as the Bentley Continental GTC Convertible, the Maybach Exelero Vision, the Spyker D12 and the Pininfarina Ferrari P4/5.

Among the many car aficionados and celebrities taking a close look at the aircraft-inspired Aero X was TV comedian and avid car collector Jay Leno, who was very interested to learn that the 400 hp twin turbo V6 in the Saab Aero X runs on 100% ethanol. “That makes this beauty a guilt-free machine, which plays well in Hollywood and beyond”, he commented. Leno also has a 1958 Saab 93 two-stroke in his collection.

Immediately following its appearance at Pebble Beach, the Aero X was put on a closed carrier for a cross-continental transport to Lake George, New York. At that location this weekend, the Aero X will be among the main attractions of the 24th North American Saab Owner’s Convention, where over 300 Saabs and their owners are expected to share their passion for their vehicles and the Saab brand.

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  1. Ryan – Swade could tell ya, but then he’d have to kill ya 😉

    ” ….. the Aero X was entirely at home in the company of other high-end cars such as the Bentley Continental GTC Convertible, the Maybach Exelero Vision, the Spyker D12 and the Pininfarina Ferrari P4/5.”

    BRILLIANT !!! For once, Saab USA/Saab Global did the smart thing and not hide their jewel under the bushel. Show off the Aero-X in the best company possible. It’s time Saab leaves the little league and joins major league luxo players. Ok, maybe still a looooong ways from the likes of Pininfarina, Ferrari, Bentley, Maybach. BUT they’re marques little Saab could fantasize about when it grows up someday.

  2. some one copped a mention in the Saab USA press release!!

    Roflmao go Sab go!!

    24th Owner’s Convention in Lake George, NY

    Saab Enthusiasts Head for the Adirondacks

    Detroit, Mich. – Saab owners and enthusiasts will gather to celebrate their passion for their cars and the Saab brand at the 24 th annual North American Saab Owners Convention. One owner will journey from the land down under – Australia that is. This year’s event will be held August 24-27, 2006 in Lake George, New York at the Roaring Brook Resort and Conference Center. This all-inclusive family resort is situated in the beautiful scenery of the famous Adirondack region. Go to for more information.

    More than 200 vehicles are expected to be displayed and join the weekend activities such as the Concours d’Saab, the People’s Choice Contest and technical seminars. Saab Automobile USA will also bring a array of vehicles, ranging from the award-winning Aero X concept car introduced at the Geneva Motor Show, a collectible 9-3 Aero Convertible “20 Year Anniversary Edition”, as well as a number of vehicles from the Saab USA Heritage Collection. Among them a freshly restored 1970 Saab 99, a 1973 Sonett III as well as a 1991 900 Turbo SPG – all considered milestones in Saab’s nearly 60-year history as an auto manufacturer.

    “Saab owners are unique in terms of their affection for their vehicles and the brand,” said Jay Spenchian, Saab Automobile USA General Manager. “This annual convention provides a unique opportunity for passionate Saab supporters to come together, sharing experiences and stories centered around their cars.” Spenchian will be the keynote speaker at the Saturday night banquet, updating participants on the “State of Saab 2006.”

    Saab is a division of General Motors Corp. Saab Automobile USA is the importer and distributor of Saab 9-2X, 9-3, 9-5 cars and the 9-7X SUV for Saab Au tom obile AB, Sweden. For more information, please visit

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