Brief Update on SOC

Big thanks to Greg for leaving this in my inbox this morning. Looks like I’ll be booking a trip to Sydney to see the Aero-X later this year….


I’m afraid that pictures from SOC ’06 will have to wait until I get to the wireless broadband at the Albany airport on Sunday. The resort here, while picturesque, is woefully deficient in 21st century amenities. No broadband access at all, and modem access was hindered by the fact that the phone in my room did not work until they repaired it about an hour ago (28 hours after I complained).

So I was finally able to establish a dial-up connection, at 24kps !!, and it took 35 minutes to download my e-mail. (It never occurred to me that spam also means the death of dial-up access).

However, the convention itself is wonderful. The Aero X must be seen in person. It is more impressive in the flesh than it is in pictures. The rear end treatment, which had me concerned about future application to the new 9-5, is actually exceptionally modern and attractive. If they build the design cues of the Aero X into the next 9-5, I will have to buy one.

I spent 90 minutes this afternoon in a seminar with John Moss on rebuilding a 99 transmission. They were using a 99 turbo box as an example. I think we forget, or take for granted, the incredibly precise engineering that goes into making cars work.

Any way, more later.

So there you have it folks. Hopefully Greg will be able to send us some more occasional updates as the weekend progresses, though I wasn’t expecting this one to start with and am extremely appreciative of the time taken to fill the rest of us in. These 99T owners are such quality people 😉

Thanks a bunch Greg.

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