Buy This! It’s Nuts!

And I thought I was going ‘all out’ in planning a little $5K spend on my Viggen….

This is Wasaabi. It’s had a $55,000 rebuild.

And it’s for sale! On Ebay!!! Click the pics to enlarge.

Wasaabi1.JPG . Wasaabi3.JPG

Wasaabi4.JPG . Wasaabi5.JPG

Wasaabi is owned by Mr Yankton of Yankton Tuning (can’t see a first name on the site). He’s poured his heart and soul into this 1997 Saab 900 Talladega – and a fair chunk of his hard earned as well – taking the car from a somewhat meek 185hp to a ballbursting 500hp along the way.

I like the outside color, though I’m not sure whether the blue Viggen interior goes with it.

You can read a writeup on the car from European Car magazine if you click here.

As mentioned, the car is up for sale on Ebay for US$25,500 and at this point there’s no bidders, so you’re still in with a chance!

Hop to it people, this car will go fast (even if it doesn’t sell – baddum, tcsh!)

First sighted at Winding Road

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  1. I’ve never met the man, but his first name is Kevin. He posts in the Performance bulletin board of Saabnet.

    The price has come down a bit, too, since it was first listed in the saabnet classifieds. It was $35,000 or so, IIRC, when it was listed there.

  2. Well…
    Nice to see he liked the car that much. But this is (IMHO) just the kind of thing many do to small Japanese cars…or like American version “pimp my ride”. If this is what the man want.. Buy a Honda!
    A Saab is of cause a tempting vehicle to fiddle with…But not my thinking of what a Saab is.

  3. Not sure about this.

    The black bonnet and grille kill any styling -down the road graphic and the wheels are too fussy.

    But, I like the interior dials on the A post and that gold green colour is edgy too.

    Sadly, as with so many such projects, the owner will never see their investment back.

    Keep your Viggen stock Swade- apart from the recue kit and handling mods that you need…

  4. If you want to modify your Viggen do it the Swedish way…less is more and modifications should be invisible to the casual onlooker…..

  5. Now I love Swedish cars as much as the next guy, maybe even more, but this is prime demo derby material.

    I can’t believe someone thought it’d be a good thing to this to a Saab.

    I didn’t know they made Swedish Rice.

  6. Well, if you looked into why the hood was black, it may change your mind: it’s a weight-saving carbon-fiber deal that probably cost a fortune.

    And about the wheels: they are for PERFORMANCE.

    This is one fast car. That’s what separates this from your average ricer. All go, some show rather than the other way around.

  7. Swade,

    “If you want to modify your Viggen do it the Swedish way…less is more and modifications should be invisible to the casual onlooker…..”

    THIS IS RIGHT ON, please keep this in mind.

    – Ryan

  8. I’ve recently noticed that more and more 9-5 sedans (older model years) are owned by people putting humongous wings on there trunk. Is Saab becoming the next victim for these image destroyers?

  9. god, i can’t believe Kevin spent all that cash and is now selling it. actually i can’t understand why anyone sinks a heap of money into a car then sells it for 50% less.

    there’s a few things in that car that aren’t personally to my own tastes, but it ain’t rice. check out his website. nothing on that car has been done cheaply, tackily or solely for image. that car was taken back to a bare frame then rebuilt using only the best. the engine in it is a work of art… i’d buy it (separately) just to have it in my living room. 😉

  10. We all seem to have different opinions on this one – which is good.
    I admire the guy, but think he will never see the money back.

    The commetns about Saabs becoming candidates/ victims for wigs, kits and bling pimping are correct- at least over here in Pom land. South London is awash with tarted up bling Saabs..

    As for this brave 900:
    If the wheels are for performance, then they won’t work and any gain from weight eduction will be lost due to circulatory and interference/parasitic drag stemming from the big flat angled spokes.

    Drag from the bonnet top wire locks and drag with (downforce) from the over size rear wing will negate the drag reduction offered by the smart mirrors. The bodykit also increases the cross sectional frontal area (CdA) and therefore increases the drag rating.

    The mesh lower front bumper intake will also create stagnation and pressure build up due lack of flow and reduce any downforce intended – and ruin localised airflow.

    The performance will clearly come from that wonderful engine work -not the body package.

    Sorry for the whinge but thats my opinion for what it is worth.

    I still admire the effort, love the colour and interior treatment and, oh yes, the bonnet does not have to be black just because it is carbon fibre – they have got around that now- espcially in the aero-industry.

  11. Lance:

    Performance wheels are generally for handling, not straight-line performance. Reduction in unsprung weight and increased stiffness are the goals. Those wheels generally fit the bill.


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