Finnish Saab Ads

The Finns had a couple of funny Saab ad campaigns going back in the day.

This first one’s from 1987 and a word of warning to the easily embarrassed, it does feature bare butts….

Translation (provided at the Google Video source):

(packing their stuff in to the Saab) “Hi! Haven’t seen you for a long time!” “Hi, … all » it’s nice to get going together again!”

(while driving) “It’s like sitting on your own couch at home.” “It is, but you can’t drive to Lappland with your couch *laughs*” “That’s true *laughs*”

(when arriving to the sauna cottage) “Cottage is still there, where we last time left it”

(when in sauna) “*gabble*” “Saab… it keeps man on the road.” “*laughs*” “*gabble*”

(when cooling off outside and doors slams closed) “DOOR!”

(waving to the others to get in to the car) “Quickly!”

(in the car) “And then what?” “*laughs*” Text: Saab. Made in Finland. For Finnish people.

I’d love to get a translation of this one if possible as it seems like the same group of guys at it again…..

UPDATE: Thanks to Pika for supplying the following translation…………..

(packing their stuff in to the Saab) – “Pack your things and let’s get going!”

(after arriving) – “And then let’s set up the camp!”

Fisherman: “Got it!”

Men in the camp: “What is he yelling about..?” – “*Gabble*”

(when bear comes out from the bushes)


“Get in to the car!”

(while in the car) – “What is it doing?”

“It took my fish..!”

“Uh oh guys, it’s coming here…”

(after bear climbed on the Saab’s roof) – “Well… Saab can bear this up easily *laughs*”

Text: Saab. Safest car in Finland.

Fantastic stuff.

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