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It’s early Friday morning in New York and that means it’s Saab Owner’s Convention time.

I wish I was over there. It’d be a blast to see all those fine machines lined up and to meet up with a few of the folks that hang out here from time to time.

There’s at least one Aussie there, Steve B from Melbourne. If you run into him then give him a good hard squirrel grip and say Hi from me.

Jay Spenchian will be addressing the crowd on Saturday night and I’m hoping to get a copy of his notes through to post them here. Last year some idiots in the crowd decided to jeer him as he spoke. You may not like the GM connection, but at least have some respect when the head honcho takes some time to visit and share his thoughts.

Anyway, enjoy the convention folks.


Comments were off on a few posts today. I’m unsure as to why, but it’s fixed now. Fire away.


I looked over the photos of the new VW Iroc earlier today but completely missed this….

Iroc dash.jpg

3D glass guages. Sound familiar?

This from the VW press release at Autoblog:

Most distinctive, however, are the gauges and controls in the Iroc’s cabin. Two large and newly-designed round instruments form the visual centre of the cockpit. The driver looks into two cylinders with twelve illuminated bars which create a three dimensional segmentation within the instruments.

I’m glad the Aero-X got in with these first. It reads like a different technology from the etched glass in the Saab. Interesting that another company is heading that way though.

Hopefully the next 9-5 will be the first to bring the technology to market.

Thanks to Richard K for picking it up.


The Viggen wheel repair will hopefully continue over the weekend. Photos will be coming soon thereafter. If all goes to plan then the wheels should be ready for re-tyring and fitting late next week. Woohoo!!

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  1. They will need to change the name “Iroc” for the Canadian market as Iroc here stands for “Italian Retards out Cruising” in their IROC Camaro’s. Its OK for me to say that, I am part Italian btw. Back to Saab I doubt we will ever see guagues like them in a Saab, too bright and kinda against the Saab ethos of form over function. OOPS I forgot, Saab’s arent designed by Swede’s anymore – unfortunately!

  2. I saw the VW Iroc in the 8/28/06 AutoWeek. My wife and I were discussing whether it would conflict with IROC Racing’s naming. It might per

    ” IROC and the IROC logo are trademarks of International Race of Champions, Inc. ”

    But who knows what the lawyers have worked out. The capitalization is different of course.

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