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It’s certainly been a busy week and it’s leading up to an even busier weekend. I’m off to Melbourne for the Saab Car Club of Australia AGM, at Saab Oz’s HQ. Can you believe they’re letting me in there?!

Today I’ve swapped the wheels on the Viggen for some 16″ 9-3 Linear wheels.

Relax, it’s only temporary. The Linear-loaners were courtesy of Tony B, our very helpful local dealer. The Viggen wheels are off to get rolled, scraped, blasted (if need be) and repainted. They should be back with some new tyres in the next few weeks.

I’ll try and get some photos of the Linears on the Viggen. Needless to say they look ‘interesting’.


Auto Express were the first British car publisher in recent memory to post a negative review of a Saab. That was this review of the new 9-5 back in February.

They’ve reiterated their point in taking the Biopower version for a run. It seems the extra HP didn’t make a difference to their opinion….

Elsewhere, it proves similar to the standard machine, with too much body roll and a soggy ride.

A dated cabin design also makes it hard to recommend – and BioPower does little to boost the car’s appeal. Only the shortage of rivals makes the Saab worth considering if you must have an executive car that drinks bioethanol.



There’s a few things to look forward to online, but unfortunately I can’t say too much about them. One involves a very expreienced mechanic, a camera and troubled Saabs. A month or two away at best.

The other item will come sooner but I won’t say anything about it now, other than USA readers especially should stay tuned.


The original Saab Sonett will be taking a drive at the 2006 Woodward Dream Cruise. That’s the press release, the official site for the cruise is here.

With only 6 of these car in existence, I’m sure security will be suitably tight.


How’s this for a beautful arty photo. From Golfhunter, who I’ve seen around SaabCentral from time to time. Looks like he’s been on a trip from his native France to Sweden.

It’s from Flickr and there’s also a slideshow I’d recommend (though you oughta watch where you kiss, GH, you never know what’s been hanging around!)

Golfhunter Saab 95.jpg

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  1. Deevo,when you get back you should get me or Steve to re set your speedo for the 16″.takes 2mins with tech2.
    And whats this about a mechanic and troubled saabs??
    very curious indeed

  2. At the Saab Club agm how about suggesting to hold the nationals in Tassie again next Easter. The one 2 years ago looked huge fun and i kick myself for missing them.

  3. Say hello to Praveen from me and tell him that we have full confidence in him restoring Saab’s reputation and standing in the OZ market. We are seeing the change since he took over already.

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