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The 20th Anniversary of the Convertible shindig in Sydney was recently written up in a Sydney gossip blog. Naturally there’s no photos of the cars – can’t say much about that as I haven’t published them myself – but there’s a few social butterflys present, including Parveen himself enjoying a bevvie and the company of a Karlsson who’s much easier on the eye than her phonetic namesake, God bless ‘im.

Quote of the article: “I don’t know why I was invited,’’ spluttered artist Jamie Gordon, “I don’t even drive.’’


In relation to that launch, I posted the other day on the inauthentic lettering used on the plate for the convertible, which sparked a bit of interest in the Gill Sans font.

John (as in Elkparts) had a brief foray into the blogging world and one of his posts was on the history and development of the Gill Sans font, the one used by Saab.

Interesting enough if you’re into typography. More interesting if you want to download Gill Sans!!


Pete DeLorenzo’s latest Rant at AutoExtremist is a snapshot of the US auto industry. It’s a fantastic read. Pete throws the bricks and bouquets in all directions and notably there’s this about GM:

I’ve seen GM’s product plan out to 2009, and it is indeed extremely impressive. Stunning, tasteful and in some respects avant-garde designs, fuel-efficient, responsive and technically advanced powertrains, artful interior packaging and sumptuous materials, GM’s future product lineup will be ultra-competitive and most important, desirable on its own merits

How much of that, if any, relates to Saab is anyone’s guess. Here’s hoping.

The article’s worth a look just for all the bricks thrown at Kirk Kerkorian’s saviour-in-waiting Carlos Ghosn for the work he’s done at Nissan USA.

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