Hell Yes!


Now this is a ballsy promotion from Saab in the UK.

Test drive a Saab, along with our German rivals, BMW and Audi. We’re confident you’ll tell them Danke, but nein danke.

We’re offering you a very special test drive invitation. Come along to your local Saab showroom* and you can test drive not only a Saab, but a BMW and Audi too.

I drove all three marques just last weekend, albeit differing vintages, and I’ll give a big Nein Danke myself.

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  1. Whay can’t Saab USA come up with catchy phrases like this:
    “There was a time when Germans feared Swedes. It’s back.” (With feared in a very large fontsize).

  2. LOL! Nice one, Ted!

    Don’t feel bad. I do crap like this all the time.

    I asked my wife a few days ago, “do you ever come up with an idea and then later see someone else came up with it too and you don’t know whether you really thought of it yourself or if you saw the one the other person came up with but don’t remember and it comes up subliminally?”.

    She just looked at me with a strange look and said, “no” then walked away. I get that a lot.

  3. y-e-s! it certainly makes a statement and crystalizes some of my feelings i found difficult to express. oh, heck yes.

    i get a sense of that sometimes when merc/bmw/audi’s “see” my saab.

  4. Well, I saw a Saab banner on Yahoo last week — I about fainted. It was weak — no hard-hitting message, just some wimpy discounting, etc. Too bad they hadn’t seen that one. It would be perfect as a web ad.

  5. I’m a little bit lost here… In the ad, do they refer to “30-åriga kriget” (the 30 year long war in the first half of the 17th century) when Sweden plundered and murdered their way through most of central Europe, especially the part that is now Germany (one remailn of that is the name Schwedenkreuz on the famous old racing track Nürburgring)?

  6. Yeah, the Swedes went to Germany alraight but if was Finns who did the hard work 😉 (the Hakkapeliittas) since Finland was a part of Sweden back then.

  7. I love this style of advertising. I recall seeing a European ad one time that said something about the 9-5 Aero eating BMW’s for lunch, or something to that effect. Very cool.

    I wonder why Saab USA doesn’t employ advertising methods like this. I guess it feels potential US purchasers would rather make believe that they’re pilots, instead of being ‘better’ than the guy in the next lane.

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