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I received an email from Robbie the other day. He’s a Saab guy. Here’s his Combi….


A nice looking ride, as all Combis are. Many of us can currently get a Combi that looks like Robbies, except only the Europeans can get their SID to say this:


Yep, Robbie’s got the diesel.

And whilst it’s going to be a considerable amount of time before you Americans can share in his mpg happiness (well, except for you Fred), I’m pleased to report that we Aussies will be getting the diesel early in 2007. I haven’t chased up the story yet, but apparently it’s been confirmed in one of the industry papers today.

But back to Ireland for a second.

Robbie’s not just a Saab guy, he’s a Saab dealer. He’s cleared his stock of 06 models in anticipation of the interior-remodelled 9-3 and some Biopower 9-5s.

I’m not sure what the E85 situation is in Ireland, but Robbie’s assured me it matters little given the favourable tratment the Biopower engine’s getting there:

…..So next Monday the only cars i’ll have are 2 9-5 1.9TiD`s and why you may ask have I not got any 9-5 2.0t`s? Well, the great news for Irish buyers is that [the Biopower 9-5 is] being granted half VRT (vehicle reg tax, all cars in Ireland are subject to a 25% tax plus cars over 1901cc have a 30% VRT tax on top of the 25%).

So the new Linear Sport BioPower will be €6500 CHEAPER than the normal petrol 9-5, which means the 9-5 BioPower will be almost the same price as a 1.8i 122bhp 9-3 Vector. I know which one i’d like.


So. Irish buyers, consider yourselves forewarned. There’s some smart buying out there to be had.

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  1. Kinda neat that the SID shown is in green. One might expect a sat-nav message to read something like: “Next Guinness in 8 miles …..”

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