Korean? Japanese? Someone help me….


Thanks to Koo Wee Leng for letting us know, via comments, that the guy is Taiwanese (or the shots were taken in Taiwan at least).

and yes, the reference to Taiwan in the original posting, below, was included before I found out ;- 0


I had an email a while ago from a guy in Korea.

He said he knew a guy, a Saab nut, who had got his Saab up to 290 km/h. He included a photo as well. It was a picture of a satnav type screen with a map and a speed reading on screen. Sure enough, 290 km/h.

Unfortunately there was nothing in the photo to suggest that it actually was a Saab in the photo, hence it’s never been published here.

Car nuts from Asia enjoy going bonkers on their cars. And Saabs would be pretty rare in Asia, I’d guess. I’ve heard around the traps that Japan has a very passionate Saab club, though I’ve never come accross them.

I stumbled accross these photos at Flickr. Like I said, Asian car nuts look after their machines. I’m not sure if this is in Japan, Taiwan or Korea, but if anyone recognises the car, or the place, or the guy, feel free to drop the details in comments.

His ‘name’ is Sunthink722 and he’s got one heck of a great C900. View his slideshow here. There’s some great machinery there.


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  1. Wow!! Now that’s a Saab!! I love the body kit color and I’ve always liked the 2-door model (available here in the US only one model year — 1986 — and only in 900S trim). Great car. Again I say: Classic 900’s are the quintessential Saab!!

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