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With regards to that Tekniken Varld cover story on the next 9-5, here’s a translation that’s been graciously provided by Gert. He sent some scanned photos from the story too, which I can’t post until later.

As mentioned before (and in the article itself, this image seems to be little other than speculation on TV’s part, most likely based on a few comments that were probably made offhand by one of Saab’s staff.


Judged by our exclusive computer animations SAAB has got a large budget for the development of the next generation SAAB 9-5.

-Details from the concept car Aero X gets into production within two to three years Antony Lo, Manger for advanced design at GM Europe told Teknikens Värld’s Hans Hedberg when we met him during the presentation of the concept car.

For example look at the curved surface of the windshield which actually was introduced already on SAAB 99 from the sixties and now also exists on the Aero X. A part of the over-emphasis of the aero heritage. For SAAB this connection is however important. Is makes the brand exotic.

Next eye magnet is the wheels which resembles the turbine blades of a jet engine. We recognize them from the Aero X. There they were big and clumsy but on the 100 % ethanol powered 9-3 Cabriolet on the Stockholm Car Show they were ready for production.

Much is said about the front of the current 9-5 with the typical “glasses”. On the next generation the glasses will be less notable and the strange bars under the registration plate will be removed. The front still looks like a SAAB and the additional ventilation openings remain and get the same framing as the head lights.

The hood is low in the front according the tradition. However the wings to not go down to the wheel housing, the new wings will be higher. Soon Land Rover and Mini will be alone with a so called shell hood. Speaking of the Land Rover, Saab will borrow some attributes as the black A-pillow. It gives a feeling that the roof floats and high-lights the curved shape of the wind shield.

The most characteristic back is dominated by a large black area. The lights are connected by a thin glass line. Behind the wheel the SAAB driver will be acquainted by several new materials and function. The meters are supposed to be futuristic with green light and easy to read digits as in an airplane cabin. Heads up technology which displays relevant information on the wind shield will be an option. Popular Black Panel will certainly remain.

Engines will be 4 and 6 cylinders. No V8 engine will be required now when the American market starts to change to more fuel economic machineries.

It is not unlikely that the sedan and the combi versions will be released simultaneously. The latter is totally dominating in Sweden.

Fold your seats to an upright position and fasten the seat belts – the SAAB 9-5 is ready for take off.


Ivan sent me a few photoshop jobs of his own, and this one in particular caught my eye. This is nothing 9-5 related at all, it’s actually his interpretation of a possible 9-1, based on a shortened version of the current 9-3 Sport Sedan.

Mag-X 9-1.jpg

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  1. my own surfboard is a bit longer than that, but i like that picture. would like it even better if it was the previous 9-5 design ie. wrap around bonnet and flatter side edges.

  2. Nice work Ivan. Can you also:
    1) show the 91 with the boot functioning as a hatchback?

    2) do a 3 door coupe/hatch version of a 95 which is lowered & stretched ? Think BMW 650.

  3. Ivan, I thought I’d keep it to one and this was definitely the preferable one for me.

    Folks, check out that URL and let us know what you think.

    Ivan – thanks again for sending it in.

  4. Swade,
    Sure, it’s your choice what you want to publish. 🙂
    I just wanted to show the other versions because i realised that this one is very divisive for the people. 🙂

  5. Ivan,

    I like the one you posted on the LINK better.

    Two things I think, should be changed on it.

    1) The spoiler on the top rear should be removed.

    2) The rear should be much more sloping almost exactly like the 900, with the spoiler in the right place.

    The tail lights, etc. work well.

  6. Bookalon,

    The space immediately after the rear part of the driver’s door to the opening of the rear wheel needs to be widened by about 6-8 inches while the rear needs to protrude another 6-8 inches as well so the slope is longer.

    The car currently looks strangely crunched.

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