More sales snippets

Some more sales snippets…..

July was a more sedate month for Saab sales, but the news ain’t all grey:

CHEVROLET AND SAAB POST RECORD SALES IN EUROPE IN JULY …. Chevrolet and Saab were once again the stars of GM Europe’s sales charts, as both brands again posted record months in July.

Chevrolet’s sales were up 9.5 percent and Saab’s sales were up 16.5 percent compared to July 2005. Year-to-date, Chevrolet’s sales are up by nearly 11 percent, while Saab’s sales are up 23 percent.

“Chevrolet and Saab are on a roll. With Opel/Vauxhall, we are achieving our objectives in channel mix, carline mix and country mix to increase the profitability of sales. Our growth strategy for Eastern Europe is paying off, evidenced by the 83 percent increase for the month of July,” said Jonathan Browning, GM Europe vice president, Sales, Marketing and Aftersales.


During the first seven months, Saab sold 57,009 cars in Europe, which constitutes an increase of 10,802 cars compared to the same period last year. In July, Saab registrations reached 6,327 cars in Europe, which means a 16.4 percent increase compared with a year ago and is also the best July ever in Saab’s history. “We have seen very encouraging figures for us at Saab this year, which also means that we are becoming less dependent on only a few big markets. Our customers appreciate the combination of attractive cars with unique design and competitive engine offers,” says Jonathan Browning, GM Europe Vice President, Sales, Marketing & Aftersales. Markets with good sales development, aside from the U.K. and Sweden, are Spain, Italy, the Netherlands and Belgium. July figures were the best ever for Europe as a whole as well as for Sweden and Germany. To point at one successful model, the Saab 9-3 SportCombi with the diesel engine makes a combination that is hard to beat. In Sweden, the success with BioPower continues.

AND….from Saab USA:

Still, SportCombi is doing relatively well: according to our own data, we now capture 24% of the US entry luxury wagon segment – #2 behind Volvo V50.

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  1. Wow, 10,800 more cars in the first seven months is impressive !

    WTF ….. proud to be #2 behind the V50 ?!? Sorry to say this, but the V50 is a tiny lil’ econo wagon based on the Ovlov global P1 platform that also underlies the Mazda 3 and Ford Focus, with an Ovlov badge on it. I studied it in detail at the Vancouver Auto Show, and for a T5 FWD with Premium Pkg (sunroof, traction ctrl, yada yada), 17″ wheels, leather and nav system, Uncle Sven at Ovlov Canada wants you to fork out …. get this ……………… Cdn$47,500 !!

    The same configuration on a 9-3 Aero SportCombi costs Cdn$47,225 but is much larger and more functional.

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