New 9-5?

This is the front cover of the latest issue of Swedish Magazine, Teknikens Varld…


The issue has a story with what’s apparently the latest info and sketches for the new 9-5. I’m hoping fr a translation to come through some time soon, but Lars has left these few snippets in comments.

New Saab 9-5 in 2008. Aero-X inspired design. 4 and 6 cylinder engines. 2 or 4 wheel drive. Head up display etc…

I’m not sure about the proportions on the front of this car. I’d have thought the grille would go a little deeper and that the hood would angle down a little more. The overall shape looks quite good though. I’m also unsure about those turbine wheels with a car of that color. It still looks promising and those specs mentioned by Lars would all be fitting additions.

There’s no link on the Teknikens website to the story at this point, just a shot of the cover.

Thanks to Gert for the heads up. I’ll post any more info as it comes to hand.


Seems the consensus opinion on this is:

a) Photoshop
b) Guesswork
c) Way too much Alfa

Any info on the text of the article is welcome in comments or via email.

If there’s one thing more than any other that I hope is true about the article, it’s the timing. 2008 can’t come quick enough.

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  1. lop off the rear doors and sort out the c-pillar, and now we’re talking…

    but just out of curiosity… why a 9-5 combicoupé? surely the ‘cheaper’ and sportier 9-3 is the more logical choice for the 3- and 5-door configuration, whereas the 9-5 could differentiate itself (better than it is currently) by being the larger, ‘more expensive’ and luxury-orientated saloon and sportswagon?

  2. God no, my eyes are bleeding its even uglier looking than the 2006 9-5!

    The design looks extremely dated and lacks once ounce of class.

    0/5 is my score!!

  3. Uh.
    I can’t say I’m liking that at all. I’d much rather the 9-5 go back to looking like it did in ’03.
    Oh well. A guy can dream, can’t he?

  4. Anyone know where the photo for the cover of this magazine came from? Was this an overly-enthusiastic attempt by someone at this magazine to computer generate an “artist’s rendering” of what it might look like?

    I’m sure GM wouldn’t allow SAAB to debut the new 9-5 in a Swedish magazine with no export circulation.

    I’m doubting the validity of the photo. As for the description of the car:
    “New Saab 9-5 in 2008. Aero-X inspired design. 4 and 6 cylinder engines. 2 or 4 wheel drive. Head up display etc…” no real news there, except for the HUD.

    With SAAB’s recent electrical reliability “issues” I’d be leery of such a feature even though I’ve been lusting after it ever since I read about it in James Bond’s 1980’s SAAB 900 Turbo “the Silver Beast”! (

    Will the night vision option (currently available as an option in some Cadillac models) be available? How about tear gas dispensers? 🙂

  5. Lots of talk about this on the Swedish Saab-forums for a week now. As have been pointed out, it is basically a poor Photoshop job between an Aero-X and an Alfa. Poor, in the sense that it is not Saab at all. Wrong door handle, wrong side-line of the windows and so on. This is not the next 9-5.

  6. For me, it looks better than the current 9-5 (I just hate the rear). However, I agree, it’s not a real Saab style and very likely a “virtual design” by Photoshop…

  7. I’m not going to say a word about those turbine wheels.

    I agree with the above: this isn’t a ‘quality’ Saab drawing. I’m sure that the ‘real’ 9-5 will surface soon.

  8. That rear without the “hockey stick” shape and that low end its quite horrible.

    I would prefer one thousand times, those sketches of one year ago from Michael Mauer, of a 4 door version like a coupe or MB CLS, and some Lamborghini cues.

    and then a 5 door, more premium luxurious/serious feeling like the nowadays 9-5.


  9. Having seen the three views from the scan Id buy a Saturn Aura before I bought this hideous monstrosity! Saab is dead in the water unless fire Anthony Lo and that other guy who are creating havoc at Saab with their so called ‘designs’. Hell I want Michael Mauer back its that bad!!!

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