Saab 9-5 (pre-06) on Top Gear

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  1. Gee Wizz, give the car a paisting! So what did he like about it??? Nothing about the cup holder though, so I suppose that’ll make at least one happy camper.

  2. The whole of Top Gear are tossers but they are funny tossers and they do know a bit about cars.

    Great review really. Having seen TG do an Isle of Man special with a Porsche, Aston Martin & BMW 6 – and find plenty to both whinge about as well as praise – you’ve got to realise that they find faults with everything.

    Made my morning. And reminded me that I missed TG on the tv last night.

    thanks swade.

  3. one can’t help but be confused by ol’ Clarkson there… did he like it, did he hate it… did he hate it but feel the need not to totally slate it?

    as a Saab driving graphic designer who should probably see a dentist sometime, i don’t really know what his point was. that said, it did highlight a few things.

    1. The 9-5 really needs AWD and a better chassis. The handling around the track was atrocious.

    2. Its underpinnings mightn’t predate the bronze age as Clarky suggested, but surely it is about time the last of the 9000 heritage was ditched.

    3. The aircraft heritage thing needs to be more than marketing. let’s go back to the curved, rearward a-pillared windscreen. let’s get transparent OLED head up displays happening with the sat nav and vitals. all saabs should come with compass, altimeter and yaw rate gauges too. just cuz 😉

  4. The handling is good enough for what it’s designed for. The 9-5 was not designed to be tossed around a track, its meant to be a comfortable highway cruiser that will get you to your destination fairly comfy and with the extra fun of fast, safe overtakings. The 9-3 on the other hand is much ore at home on the track but it takes an -experienced- driver to extract the best from the fwd chassis.

  5. After watching TG last night I was wondering if they had ever tested a Saab, and then this morning my question was answered! I’d have been disappointed if the 9-5 had not been thrashed around the track and even more disappointed if it had joined the ‘seriously uncool’ category like the BMW. Notably it didn’t. I took the review as being quite positive.

    ….and, one of my saabs was first owned by a doctor and another by an architect!

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