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We get things a little late here in Tasmania. Australia as whole was once referred to as the arse-end of the world. What does that make Tasmania (or New Zealand for that matter?!).

Anyway, we just got our first BP Ultimate fuel pumps installed earlier this month. It’s the 98 octane good stuff. Prior to that we only had access to 95 octane.

I’m on my first tankfull right now. I don’t know if it’s just psychological, but the car definitely feels a bit smoother and more responsive. Good stuff, and well worth the extra $5 or so a tank.


Golfhunter’s great Flickr upload continues. He’s been at the 2006 International Saab Club meeting in Sweden and done a pretty comprehensive job documenting it on ‘film’.

Next year should see The Saab Festival take place again in Trollhattan. This photostream has certainly whetted my appetite for such a trip. That and the sad realisation that Erik Carlsson likely won’t be attending these festivals forever, and I’m mad keen to meet him some time.

Golfhunter 92.jpg


Pebble Beach is beginning, with the Saab Aero-X taking part.

No photos of the Aero-X here, but Autoblog has a fantastic collection of shots documenting some of the people on the “Tour de Pebble”, a 50 mile run to sort the actual running vehicles from the showponies. Well worth a look.

tour de pebble.jpg


I’ve written about the Saab European Delivery Program before. Doubtless most of you would be familiar with it. If I lived in the US and had the means to consider buying a new car, there’s no other way I’d do it.

SmartMoney has a story on Euro delivery plans in general. It deals with BMW’s program in greatest detail, but Saab get a favourable mention as well.

Good reading.

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  1. Swade,

    wait till you run a few tank threw the system, makes a tonne of difference, as u may have noticed in my car last weekend


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