SOC Video #2 – Round Table Discussion now has a video recording of the round table discussion with Jay Spenchian on site. It’s a fairly frank Q&A session that was held on the Sunday morning of the Saab Owners Convention.

Click here to view it.

Topics covered include:

– Diesels in the US
– Using people’s experiences in advertising
– Born From Jets and women
– marketing safety vs other virtues
– US influence over design
– Organisational issues
– Design process logistics
– Retro styling
– AWD and Hybrid development
– US growth markets
– the 9-2 market segment

I’ll let you discover the frustrating end for yourselves, but let me just say that it confirms the one thing my 18 year old stepson didn’t like about being in America.

The discussion goes for about 40 minutes and if you’ve got the time it’s well worth viewing. It’s a timely reminder that Saab’s operating in a very demanding market over there and that there are some pretty decent moves being made and some good plans for the future.

Thanks to Ryan for recording it and making it available.

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