Spenchian keynote speech on video

Just a word to let you know that Jay Spenchian’s keynote speech at the 2006 Saab Owner’s Convention is available to watch on video at SaabVideos.com

Click here to go watch it.

A text version of the bare bones of the speech is available here. I’ve gotta say, it’s great to hear the actual delivery, which is a lot more personable than reading the speech alone. There’s a lot of fleshing out of the facts as Jay delivers the information in an entertaining fashion.

One particularly interesting tidbit was the showing of a 9-4 SUV sketch (pretty small in the video though) as well as the discussion of the new Saab Aero-X based design language with the image below as a backdrop.

Aero-X design language.jpg

Good stuff.

The video’s pretty dark, but it’s worth killing a lunchbreak for.

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  1. Steven,

    Thanks for the great comments! It was the least I could do. I am glad I managed to capture it.

    Unfortunately the lighting was out of my control, and the borrowed camcorder was a bit well not good as it could have been.

    I guess it’s at least available! 🙂

    The Roundtable video has better lighting and is fairly clear, and I managed to get about 90% of it before the tape ran out.

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