Sunday Night Snippets

I’m back from the weekend to trip, including a visit to Saab Aust HQ for the car club’s AGM.

Thanks to George, aka “the new guy”, for patiently hanging around in an empty office on a Saturday afternoon while we held the AGM. It was appreciated.

The office itself? Think ‘cube farm’. Then strip it down a little. It’s was a lot less creative than I thought it would be, but then they are there to sell cars I guess.


I stumbled on this story on one of my RSS feeds. A young mother who’s just bought what sounds like her first Saab. she seems pretty excited, and those of us that can remember our first Saabs would understand the feeling.

You will notice how my autism awareness magnet blends fabulously with the blue background of the most amazing car ever made. And it is mine. And the banks, for awhile. Please feel free to lap up the gorgeousity of my new ride.

The autism awareness magnet on the side of the car is one of the things that drew me to the story as I have an autistic nephew in Canada.

Drop by and wish her welcome to the Saab family in her comments section if you feel so inclined.


I don’t want to seem unappreciative after the whole AGM thing, but this is the second-funniest photo in Golfhunter’s latest instalment from the International Saab Club meeting in Sweden.

Golfhunter GMfree.jpg

Now, before you GM people get all upset – first, have a sense of humour please, and second, there really is a more offensive one there in the slideshow, so I was being nice.

No love lost in Sweden by the looks of things.


To those that have dropped me an email over the weekend, I promise I’ll get to them in the next day or so. Thanks for your thoughts.

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