Swedish Sales data: July 06

Thanks to CTM in comments. Either he or Vector are always first in with this stuff.

Sales data for Sweden – July 2006

Slow months as usual in terms of volumes due to vacations, but still up. compared to one year ago

Jul: +9.9%
Jan-Jul: +5.7%

1: Volvo V70
Jul: 1.564 vehicles, +24.22%
Jan-Jul: 17.773, +22.67%
Market share this year: 10.90% (9.39%)

2: Saab 9-5
Jul: 1.072, +23.64%
Jan-Jul: 8.506, +48.13%
Market share this year: 5.21% (3.72%)

3: Volvo V50
Jul: 857, +29.84%
Jan-Jul: 7.565, +10.76%
Market share this year: 4.64% (4.42%)

And… Tadaaa!

4: Saab 9-3
Jul: 895, +218.50% Jan-Jul: 6.843, +66.82%
Market share this year: 4.20% (2.66%)

That Saab 9-3 figure is just unbelievable.

Congrats to Saab of Sweden – continuing to lead the charge!!


By the way, I heard from Saab USA this morning and they’re expecting a number around the 3,500 mark for July, which will be way down on 2005 (as expected) but still their biggest month of the year so far.

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  1. And 921 of those 9-5 were BioPower cars.
    The second best competitor: Volvo V50 with 312 flexifuel cars.
    Saab out sell the lot with approximate 30% market share of the environmental cars sold in Sweden.

  2. My guesstimation is that the 9-3 SC should be credited a big part of the 9-3 increase in Sweden since most familes here buy a wagon of some sort.
    I blaim GM for delaying the launch of the 9-3SC, imagine if it had come out a year or at least 6 months before the V50….

  3. Many that initially bought 9-3 will never buy Saab again, I see it as lucky that combi came so late. This way Saab didnt loose so much people forever.

  4. autoblog.com has the USA figures. Unfortunately they don’t reflect Sweden: Saab is the biggest month on month loser, sales down -41.2% 🙁


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