That beasty 9-3 monster (again mk 2)

Mats tipped me off to another few pictures and some film of that incredible beast of a 9-3 going around in Sweden right now. The previous feature about this car, with a bunch of pics, can be foundhere.

How’s this:


And if that’s not enough, check out the tow car!!

p-abeasty9-3 and Hirsch tow car.jpg

If you’re into this sort of thing, the car builders, P-A Johansson and Speedparts, has a website available here. This beast is listed as the 9-3X4R. There’s a few others available for your droolage as well.

Last but not least, there’s a 22MB short film of this car, including some nice photography, with the beast pulling a few quick quarter miles. The last run was sub-12 seconds and around 210 km/h. You can watch it by clicking here (WMV file).


  1. wow, what a piece of engineering!

    i dare say though they need some boost tapering in the first couple of gears to get some traction going though… and what’s with the slow reaction times?

  2. And no GM bits in sight.I think the B207 engine (which is the GM built motor) would have blown to bits if 1/2 that power was extracted from it.
    There was a great video of these guys razzing around in their 93SSR yellow jobby on Google.It’s a classic,i think it had about 850bhp and about the same torque but only had front wheel drive.Needless to say they had issues, but it was oh so funny to see them pull off and then spin in every gear as soon as they put the pedal to the metal,this was then followed by Sweedish laughter HURDY GURDYHOOHAA.
    Man does anyone want to buy a set of testees,i think i found something worth loosing them for.

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