Top Queer and the 9-3 Convertible

Saab is a gay-friendly company. Apparently. I never knew. I always thought they just treated everyone the same, but apparently they’re gay friendly, whatever that means. Perhaps the dealers have finely tuned gay-dars and offer the incredibly neat and stylishly dressed customers a kiss and a tickle? All you dealers out there please do tell!!

With that out of the way, it’s time to see what Gaywheels (or Top Queer as I nicknamed them last time) think of the 9-3 Convertible.

You guessed it – It’s two willies up!

The intinerary included 2 weeks, 5 states and over 1,600 miles. The car performed flawlessly, rain and shine.

Top Queer did a review of the 9-5 SportCombi recently and the result wasn’t exactly shining. They compared it to a “little black T-shirt” that you just can’t do without, if you’re into that sort of thing. Yeah, it’s as camp as a row of tents, but the point is valid.

So is the point they make with the 9-3 Convertible. It’s great to drive, it scores points in all the right areas and as all of us Saabers know – it’s car you won’t see around every corner.

The engine is smooooooth, loves to rev and has just a small amount of turbo lag. It is so vibration-free and quiet I found myself doing 85 in 4th gear and not knowing it – more than once.

At the end of the alloted time, I was honestly sad to see the car go. This will be on my list of cars that I’ll offer when the inevitable “what should I buy” question comes my way. It is softer and more civilized than it’s german competitors and offers a great gay-friendly alternative to the pervasive BMW 3-series that every third gay man drives.

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  1. Of course Saabs are friendly to both teams. All that versatile cargo space sure comes in handy when players on the other team go shopping at Pier 1 or Crate & Barrel …..

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