Those Viggen wheels

Matt asked to see the replacement wheels on the Viggen.

Here goes….click to enlarge

Viggen Linear wheels.jpg

These are on loan whilst my Viggen 5-spokes get straightened out and repainted. The timing’s quite unfortunate as the money going into this was supposed to buying me a rescue kit from Abbott. Unfortunately a badly buckled wheel has stuffed one of my shockers and I figured I’d better get that stuff sorted first. The new shocks (adjustable Konis) are sitting here at home, waiting for the wheels to get done.

Hopefully it won’t take long.

I’ve got used to these replacements now. They look OK, just a bit small. They’re 16″ wheels off a 9-3 Linear Sport Sedan.

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  1. So that’s me wishing I had kept quiet then…

    Glad I said “interesting” it sort of means nothing in this context.

    Swade, they can’t be that bad, can they?

    At least they are not chrome spinners with flashing lights…

  2. Lance, you are not alone in this particular universe, but then 5 spokes on Saabs never excite me anyway. More yes, less yes.

  3. Oh my God !!! You better restore your originals ASAP. This is a very sad picture in here. I share with you your pain and predicament when the budget can only be stretched that far. It hurts. Good luck anyway and send us the re-worked end result.

  4. They are a tad small, yes, but I think they look pretty decent all things considered.
    If anyone ever made thos in 17″ form, I think they’d look perfect on a Viggen.

  5. Yes, that’s all very well, but did they come with a sturdy cup holder??

    I hear you could also fit the wheel from a Datsun 180b….

  6. >> Interesting, but totally gay.

    Drew wins Call of the Week™!

    i suppose they’re better than having the car up on blocks… but only just.

    let us all bow our heads and pray for the speedy return of Swade’s wheels. May they be round, smooth and shiny.


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