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I’m off to Melbourne this evening as my nephew is graduating after his months of training at the Victorian police academy (no jokes please).

Whilst I’m there, I’m hoping to catch up with Jeff B, owner of the fine collection featured in the July SOTW calendar, including a fully Abbottised Viggen.

That reminds me, the August calendar is now running late….


Anyone reading this live in Colorado?

The Aspen Times is celebrating 125 years of publication by running various stories and ads from each year. they’ve just done a feature on 1982 with a story covering the Saab ads they used run featuring the Saabs used as police cars.

If anyone’s got a copy of it I’d love to put a scan up here on the site. You can read the story here.


The Born from Jets roadshow moves to Michigan:

Saab, the car company that’s “Born from Jets,” is the primary sponsor of the 2006 Thunder Over Michigan Air Show to be held August 5-6 at the Willow Run Airport in Belleville, Michigan. The partnership gives Saab a major presence at the show, including participation by the “Born from Jets” promotional tour…..

….The 2006 Thunder Over Michigan Air Show at Willow Run Airport in Belleville will take place Saturday, August 5 and Sunday, August 6. Show hours are 9:00 AM -5:00 PM each day. Admission is $18 for adults at the gate and $13 for youths (age 7-15. Children age 6 and under get in for free. All event parking is clearly marked near the entrance of the show. More information can be fund on the Thunder Over Michigan Web site.

You can read about the BFJ roadshow here.


Cars! Cars! Cars! have an affinity for Saab as I believe there’s one in the Garage. Their latest take on the 9-4x thingy makes for a good chuckle.

The final point is right on:

Hey, GM, let Saab makes Saabs and maybe they’d sell.


Inside Line are also picking up on Jay Spenchian’s conversation with Ward’s Autos.

So now it’s official.


Akatsuki has a post called 10 Ways to fix GM, which is an interesting read. Not sure it’d work, but it’s a good way to spend 5 minutes and a nicely designed site.

At least he advocates keeping Saab.


Watching the competition: BMW are now going after the customers that live in caves for years on end….

One reason these buyers overlooked BMW is that they know little about the brand. Steven Bennett, an optometrist who owns two busy vision centers in Ann Arbor, Mich., admits he likes a car with some kick. “I like power. I like being first off the line,” he says. He drives a Lexus LS430, which he bought in 2002 for $54,000. When he bought the car, BMW never crossed his mind. “I’ve never driven one. I’ve just never given them a thought.”


Finally, from AutoblogGreen, a bill that’s been introduced in California looks to tax all vehicles sold that aren’t capable of running on alternative fuel. the taxes collected would be distributed to gas station owners for the installation of new equipment to distribute alternative fuels.

The chances of this bill getting up?

Interestingly though, one of the omissions in Saab’s 2007 lineup press release was a Biopower setup. When the biopower beast debuted as a concept it was mentioned as being 18 months to 2 years away, which would put it in the second six months of 2007, if they really are planning on doing it.

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  1. My car and every other gasoline car in California are running on ethanol-blend: E10. All of our gasoline is E10. Does that qualify EVERY car as “flex fuel”? What’s the difference between that and E85? I know… 75%. 😛

    Leave it to California politicians to come up with more taxes. Apparently we don’t have enough of them. I wonder how much money GM is contributing to this woman’s campaign funds?

    Regarding the BioPower in the U.S. lineup for 2007 (or its absence), remember that they stated at the time they had to get it certified by the EPA or DOT or some crap before they could sell it here? I don’t know why GM can sell a flex-fuel pickup truck or SUV without having to wait years for “certification”?

    Here’s your update (I know you didn’t ask for it…) on how many ethanol pumps we now have in California, eight months after the State, Chevron, Pacific Ethanol, and GM announced the partnership to bring ethanol pumps to the state: ONE! The same one that’s been here for YEARS! I’ve even read stories about two bio-diesel B100 pumps that were added here in L.A., but our entire state has exactly ONE E85 station (we’ve got more LPG, CNG, and hydrogen pumps than E85!). Doesn’t matter if we get BioPower anyway… And if you’re an American hoping for the power and foreign-oil independence promised by E100 forget it. There are no plans that I know of to bring E100 ANYWHERE in the U.S. I’m jealous of Sweden. Ethanol may be a big conspiracy, but at least E100 gives you more horsepower.

  2. Yeah, like you’d know, Greg. 😉

    I’ll go in and fix it now….


    I think one of the other hassles with the Biopower car is that all their production of Biopower at this point seems to be aimed at the Swedish market, where it’s been taken up with considerable gusto.

    It’d be nice to know one way or the other as to whether it’s going to happen.

  3. Of course I advocate to keep Saab. Saab is, in some ways, one of GMs stronger brands, even if they are too stupid to properly use it.

    However, they keep pissing away its capital with stupid sport cars and weird cross-over vehicles. In a way, Saab could be the saviour of GM if they would just let it.

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