Trollhattan tourist tips (post-script)

It seems I was a little late posting the request for Trollhattan tourist tips. And it seems Ben had a hard time getting there anyway. There were problems with transport being booked out or something. I haven’t heard the full details but somehow he ended up in Gotenborg and sleeping in a bus station or something.

Ah, the joys of backpacking!

Thanks to all that provided tips and offers. Should he still have the chance to get there, I’ll be passing them all on via email.

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  1. Steven,

    I have provided you some good photos that could help you and Ben figure out how to get to Trollhattan by Train from the Göteborg Train Station.

    Please post the photos for others to see if you can.


  2. I’ve been there. Trollhattan is kind of small, isolated, and remote. Then you’ll need a taxi to get to the factory if you’re doing that tour.

  3. Swade ( & Ben)

    Happened to be at dinner with some Swedish colleagues tonight (including one from Gothenburg) and here are a few more pointers. Hope its not all too late.

    For a really swedish experience try some salmon fishing at Svartedalen which is between Kunglav & Stenungsund. You can camp there for a modest fee, the environment is very natural and the fish are plentiful thanks to various stocking programs. Just ask a tourist office for info about accom/fishing gear/ camping gear etc…

    If you have more time, go to the islands on the coast west of Gothenburg: Karringon is a good one. There are hostels there and you can catch a ferry from Fjallbacka.

    Hope this helps.

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