Tuesday Night Snippets

I love iTunes.

I’ve just made my first full album purchase from the iTunes store. I reached back to get in touch with my inner Metalhead and bought Iron Maiden’s “Live After Death”, which I haven’t heard for at least 10 years. I would have bought just the songs I wanted but you could only get The Rime of The Ancient Mariner by buying the full album.

I’ll have to check out how that Trollpod device is coming along.

And then buy an iPod.


SaabVideos.com should be getting some content up from the Saab Owners Convention in the next few days. Keep an eye out. I’m hoping there’ll be some film of the ’roundtable’ discussion featuring Saab USA Managing Director, Jay Spenchian.

I published Jay’s speech to the convention a few days ago. As I read it, I was frustrated a little by the corporate flavour of the content. I’ve been assured that the roundtable was quite a bit more frank and that all subjects were on the table.


Here’s another fuel option arriving in the UK to make us all a little more jealous. Honestly, the UK’s got it all except decent weather. They get cars that the US can’t, engines that the US can’t. If only it was warm and they were good at sport – it’d be a paradise for your average petrolheaded guy.

Now they’re about to up the RON ante and introduce V-Power, a new 99-RON fuel from Shell that’s been formulated in conjunction with the Ferrari F1 team.

UPDATE: Judging from the entries in comments, it seems the poms are getting this a few years after at least some of their European counterparts.

Having just upgraded to 98-RON here in Hobart I can honestly tell you it’s worth the change. Can’t wait to try this new gear. If it takes as long to drift down here as things usually do then I should be able to fill up my Saab 9-21xx during my retirement in 2030.


We’re approaching the end of the month again, which means a whole slew of sales figures will be raining down, most likely from early next week. That’ll be two-thirds of the year done and dusted and we should be able to guage an accurate figure as to how the total sales figure might end up. I’m still gunning for 150,000 but it’ll be a tough target.


It’s not often I link to Saabnet. As far as I know I’m still banned (it must be around 400 days or so by now).

This is worth sharing though. Mike Lynch, one of the regulars there, is a Saab dealer in California and he’s just posted a notice saying that there’ll be a few rebates going on around the Labour Day holiday period.

Here’s the posting. Short and sweet:

Just announced, effective tomorrow, $500 Bonus Cash (rebate after tax) on all Saab Passenger cars.

$1,500 on 9-7Xs !!!!!!!

A follow-up posting also notes that this is over and above the current offers.

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  1. “introduce V-Power”
    I’m wondering, we have this V-Power 99 at least 3-4 years ago in Hungary…
    Since I have the Nordic upgrade in my car I always use 98 or higher petrol.

  2. When I saw Martin’s comment I realized my mistake.
    In Hungary the “V-Power” is a regular Shell 95 petrol with some additive. The guaranteed 100 RON petrol called “V-Power Racing”. It’s also available several years ago.

  3. Ahh, Saabnet, I actually love the site. However, the other day I was trying to post a question about a 9-3 Linear that I was considering buying. Post kept getting rejected but I was sure there was nothing offensive in the question, no links, nothing. Then I removed the dreaded words “Saab Central” and all was fine.

  4. Hey, Swade, we had some decent weather here in pomland, recently. Highest recorded temperatures since 1911. (yep, the temperatures got into double figures!)

    Oh, and I believe we beat you colonials at Rugby and Cricket, recently, so we are good at sport, too 😉

  5. John,

    Want to wager a BSR unit on your chances in The Ashes coming up in a few months?

    Yes. You’ve had the wood on us recently and the rugby fortunes won’t necessarily turn around quickly, bu rugby and cricket’s just two sports out of how many?

    Oh, how I wish we’d played you guys at the World Cup a few months ago!

  6. Richo,

    It was meant to start production this month, but it’s a small private venture so I’d say some bugs may have appeared and are being ironed out.

    I’d email Carl but don’t want to bother him with it. I’m sure he’ll be vocal in letting us all know when it’s all-systems-go.

  7. Hello All,

    I received an email from Carl at Trollpod about three weeks where he stated shipping was going to begin towards the end of August. I ordered one for my ’99 9-3. When I receive it and get it installed, I’ll report back.

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