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Consumer Reports are going to be running a comparison featuring the soon-to-be-dinosaured 9-2x, along with the Mazda 3, Audi A3 and Dodge Caliber.

One of them comes out best, though it’s not the 9-2x.

One of them comes out worst, and that’s not the 9-2x either.

The 9-2x comes away with a ‘Very Good’ rating, it’s just not as ‘very good’ as the Mazda.

The press release is here for those that are interested.


Wouldn’t you know it?

I’ve just started a new site specifically for Saab Road Tests and there has been only one new road test in the last two weeks or so.

I’ll be loading up more archived content as time permits.


The grapevine has been tingling a little…..

Word is that some of the organisers of the Saab Owner’s Convention have pulled out, perhaps a couple of sponsors too. The upshot of this is that certain activities may end up costing a bit more.

I’m unsure about this, but if people are taking the time and expense to travel there, then they deserve to know what’s going on. There’s no changes noted on the SOC website at this stage, but that’s hardly surprising as the site hasn’t exactly been an encyclopaedic source since inception.

I’m truly hoping it all goes well as each event either lends or detracts from the ongoing viability of the concept, which I’d love to attend myself in future years. The event made a loss last year, so here’s hoping things are better for 2006.


My 18 year old stepson, Ben, is on his way to Stockholm right now to go and see The Hives there. He’s going to pass through Trollhattan before I do – and he doesn’t even drive yet!!

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  1. Shouldn’t he be passing through Stockholm to see what-the-heck-that-is, before arriving at the main destination Trollhättan? 😉

  2. Sorry to see that the SOC is a little unstable, but I think that it should be re-named the ‘Northeastern Saab Owners Convention’ for truth in advertizing. The location is more than 1000 miles from me!!

  3. There has been some talk about having the ’07 SOC in the Midwest. Highly unconfirmed, way too early to write it down even in pencil, but I have hopes.

    I’m doing what I can to make that happen.

  4. ctm, He’s getting there by train from Oslo. He’s crossed about 5 time zones in the last 3 days!

    He says Scandinavia is very expensive. He’d love to hang around longer but it costs too much.

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