US Saab sales – July 2006

The US sales data is in for July and it’s a mixed bag.

Saab sold the following numbers in July (previous yr):

9-2x – 175 (1,272)
9-3 – 2,548 (3,522)
9-5 – 422 (990)
9-7x – 513 (685)

Total sales were 3,658, compared to 6,469 in 2005. That’s a total fall of 41.2% after you allow for the number of sales days in the month.

So far in 2006, Saab USA have sold 21,349 vehicles, as opposed to 27,437 for Jan-Jul in 2005. A fall of 22.2%


The Trollhattan Analysis:

The numbers in July aren’t so much of a problem for me.

A big fall in percentage terms was to be expected as July 2005 was the second boom month of the Employee Pricing scheme.

In July 2006, Saab USA had it’s biggest sales month of 2006. The 9-5 had it’s second biggest sales month of the year. The 9-3 and 9-2x both had their best sales months of the year (hey, gotta say something good about the 9-2x every now and then). On the down side, the 9-7x had it’s second consecutive month with a slight fall in sales and that’s of some concern.

What concerns me is the as-yet-unknown method by which Saab USA might be able to lift sales and post a slight increase over all in 2006. They’ve said that they’re aiming at more consistent monthly numbers instead of the boom-recover cycle of 2005.

Fair Enough.

But if Saab USA are going to record a modest increase from 38,343 vehicle sales last year to, say, 40,000 vehicle sales this year – well, they’ve just crossed the half way mark in terms of numbers and there’s only 5 months to go.

It’s going to be interesting to see how those next few months pan out. Sales slumped in 2005 after the Employee Pricing event finished. Saab USA said that low inventory after the sales bonanza was the main contributing factor. no such problem now.

Some of you may remember that I received this via email from Saab USA back in mid-June:

Bottom line: expect Saab USA sales over the summer to look negative – at least when compared to the same period one year ago. A closer look, however, will show that we are now much more even-paced from month to month. This will come to our advantage in the fall, which leads us to predict that despite all the competitive pressures, we should finish this year at last year’s overall sales level – maybe even slightly higher.

So, keep the faith and bear with us…

If they want to reach that magical 40,000 mark – a feat that was completely feasible back in January – they need to sell around 3,700 vehicles a month.

Get busy, people.

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  1. Saab 9-3 Wagon.
    Saab 9-5 Wagon.
    Saab needs to be more ‘mainstream’ in the US. ‘Combi’. What is that? Sounds too queer.

  2. I think its partly the dealers storing cars for Aug/September. Last year they didn’t have any to sell, so I think they are keeping some back. Plus the lease rate is 4.14% compared to 2.2% for VW. The dealer I bought mine off last week was complaining about a sales slowdown.

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