V6 tuning now available

I haven’t been keeping tabs on it, but as far as I know Hirsch have been the only tuner to offer an ECU upgrade for the 2.8V6 – up until now.

BSR have released a new version of their PPC (portable program carrier) for the V6. It’s inventively called PPC2. If you’re unfamiliar with the PPC tuning upgrade, the beauty of it is that there’s no removal of the ECU involved. The PPC2 unit plugs in to your car, does it’s thing, and all of a sudden you’ve transformed your 9-3 Aero from a well-mannered and sporty masseuse into a full-on Viking pillaging type.


The PPC2 by BSR is available from my mate John at Elkparts.


BSR’s PPC2 (Portable Program Carrier 2) is now available for the new Saab 9-3 Sport Saloon, Convertible and Combi models with the 2.8T V6 engine.

BSR’s PPC2 enables you to upgrade your car from its original 250bhp and 384Nm to a powerful 285bhp and 480Nm.

This upgrade results some cracking performance improvements (Tested by BSR on 2.8T V6 with manual transmission):

23% performance increase in fourth gear 50-75mph (80-120km/h)
25% performance increase in fourth gear 50-88mph (80-140km/h)
24% performance increase in fourth gear 62-94mph (100-150km/h)

Remember, BSR’s PPC2 upgrades your Saab simply by plugging the PPC2 unit into the diagnostics port beneath the steering wheel and following the onscreen instructions. The PPC2 stores your original software and the process can be reversed at any time to revert to your original Saab software. You can then swap between Saab and upgraded BSR software on your Saab as often as you like.

This brand new upgrade from BSR of Sweden is available for immediate despatch from Elkparts and is the perfect performance upgrade for your 9-3 Aero.

If you’ve got a V6 9-3 Aero and you want some extra beef, you can place your order at Elkparts’ secure online store – click here.


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  1. This is a great opportunity for me to ask a question I’ve had for quite some time.

    Why wouldn’t SAAB simply tune their cars like this as factory standard? Why put out a car with 250 bhp when a simple software change could output more than 280 bhp?

    I figure there’s GOT to be a trade-off. What is it? Poorer fuel economy? Premature wear on parts? It can’t be free power or SAAB would simply factory tune their cars right? I just don’t get it!

  2. I’m sure I will be corrected, but from what I understand 1985Gripen, is that the cars that Saab (or anyone ) produces must meet certain quality standards, and engines and components must be built to withstand certain wear and stress. Saab tunes their cars for the market by attempting to gain the most power but still staying inside the standards. Using these mods puts more strain on your engine, and while most likely, your car will be fine, you might have a greater percentage chance of something going wrong, and if every car made were like that, Saabs dependability against other manufactuers would be in danger.

  3. How come Hirsch can only get 275 hp and 400 nm and BSR can get 285 hp and 480 nm!!! Is BSR doing a better job than big established Hirsch.

    A funny thing is BSR’s PCP2 is much chaeper in Elkparts than in BSR’s own web site. WHY???

  4. Because the guys from Elkparts are dam good champions. Swade, if you are still going ahead with your Viggen rescue kit consider too the BSR’s upgrade kit. I can guarantee you that you’ll be the happiest Vigg user in the world (you are already but even happier). I have one and for the price in Aussie Dlls., it is competitive even against the cheap and nasty Jap options for the Subarus, Evos etc etc. The performance results are fantastic to say the least. BSR all the way !!!

  5. Quote: “A funny thing is BSR’s PCP2 is much chaeper in Elkparts than in BSR’s own web site. WHY???”

    It is not often people complain because we are cheaper! 😉

  6. Both Swade and I are both doing pretty similar things to our Viggens, although I do have the jump onhim a little after I had my rear sway bar installed lat week.
    John, any special price for 2 BSR’s? And Joe, what upgrade kit are you talking about?
    John, have you considered a more agressive push of the BSR PCP’s in to Australia? I’m sure both Swade and I have a number of good contacts.

  7. Thanks for the info, sethsev7n.

    So it’s sort of like “overclocking” computer processor: they can usually be made to run faster than originally spec’ed, but you’re probably decreasing the lifetime of the product.

    So the trade-off in cars is that it’ll go way faster, but not last as long. From Blade Runner: “the candle that burns twice as bright burns half as long…”

  8. Just put a deposit down on a 2.8 convertible, and am looking to get one of these ASAP. The comment above about it being cheaper here than on BSR’s web-site isn’t true so far as I can tell? They’re retailing it for £475+vat which is £558 inc. vat in my book – here it’s £606!?? Is my Mac playing tricks on me?

  9. Hello ppl, I’m a owner from a saab 93 convertible 2.8T

    and i want do a upgrade Stage1 in my car.
    Now some question’s …
    The “live time of the car” when we made this “tune” in the car will be the same or will be reduce ???

    how fast will be the car 0-100 ??

    they give somme garanties???

    props Daniel

  10. I already have the Hirsch upgrade on my 2.8t, and have been advised by Elkparts that I won’t gain much by installing the PPC. I also believe that on removal of the ppc the original Hirsh settings will be lost. I’m still keen to upgrade-any thoughts?


  11. Agreed, Ernie. If you’ve got the Hirsch tune, then stick with that. If you’re after more power, perhaps an uprated intercooler might be the thing? I’m no techie, obviously, and I haven’t heard of many people tuning the V6. Perhaps Hirsch would be the best place for more advice.

  12. If you buy the hand held BSR can you tune multiple cars? I just bought a two year lease on a 2.8 aero and obviously want more power but don’t really want to pay $1000 for the BSR unit if it will only tune this 1 car that I will have to turn back in. I might be able to justify the cost if I can use again on our next saab lease. Please advise.

  13. Jon,

    The unit is matched to the VIN, so the answer would be no to that one. You may want to contact BSR, though, so see if there’s anythng that can be done in a lease situation, but I fear you’ll get no love there.

  14. Preston, this will indeed cause you warranty problems. The only tuning you can do without warranty problems is from Hirsch, if it’s available in your country. If you’re in the US, then Hirsch is not available to you yet.

    Of course, the beauty of this BSR unit is that it’s just a matter of plugging in and then the tuning is done. You plug it in again to return to standard tune. I’m not sure if Tech II picks this up and whether or not it’ll show on your vehicle’s diagnostics, but with the plug n play nature at least there’s no aftermarket-looking CPU box to giveaway the fact that it’s tuned.

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