Viggen problems

Ironic that I’d encounter trouble a day after pasting Consumer Reports and Forbes for their placement of the 9-3 Sport Sedan in the 5 most unreliable cars….

I took the Viggen in for a standard wheel and tyre rotation at lunchtime today and found….

1) the rear shocks are leaking, causing some uneven scalloping of the tyres. The shocks definitely need replacement at what’s looking like around A$160 a piece. The tyres will need replacement sooner rather than later as well and they’re going to be around A$250 each.

2) one of my notoriously soft Viggen rims is buckled, which I’d sort of suspected anyway. I was just speaking with my mechanic and whilst there’s one guy here in Tasmania that could roll it, their last two experiences with him proved to be pretty disastrous. Sending a rim to the mainland and back ends up costing more than the wheel is worth. Looks like I might need to look around for at least 1 new rim.

I’d been putting money aside for 3 months so I could get Abbott’s Viggen Rescue Kit fitted but it looks like that’s going to have to wait a little while longer.

Just part of loving the car, I guess…..

Any advice on good shockers to get as well as good tyres – drop em in comments.

I’d been considering Continentals for the tyres. The guy doing the tyre rotation today recommended Yokohamas. Everyone’s got an opinion I guess.

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  1. Tony and i used to fit Sava’s to some of the fleet.they are a good German brand(oxymoron),relatively cheap and a good tread patern.
    I might have a rim for you i’ll go and check me shed and let you know.
    Also how much is he charging for doing the shocks,i recon i might have the time to do it for you if you provide the parts,or i could even get the genuine parts with my staff discount.

    let me know Bro

  2. Sorry m8,no rim for you even though i do have a thunderbolt 17″,but that would just look “quirky”.
    And my price for the parts with my staff discount are $187.50 each shocky and about $550 for the rim.
    OUCH that hurts just typing it.
    But i can still do the work cheap and i will make sure the bolts are tight,just ask Ben

  3. Just called a few other mainland saab part suppliers,no good,you may have to go genuine shocks and i cannot find a second hand rim,the words rocking horse and shit spring to mind.

  4. +218% ?!?

    Sales data for Sweden – July 2006

    Slow months as usual in terms of volumes due to vacations, but still up. compared to one year ago

    Jul: +9.9%
    Jan-Jul: +5.7%

    1: Volvo V70
    Jul: 1.564 vehicles, +24.22%
    Jan-Jul: 17.773, +22.67%
    Market share this year: 10.90% (9.39%)

    2: Saab 9-5
    Jul: 1.072, +23.64%
    Jan-Jul: 8.506, +48.13%
    Market share this year: 5.21% (3.72%)

    3: Volvo V50
    Jul: 857, +29.84%
    Jan-Jul: 7.565, +10.76%
    Market share this year: 4.64% (4.42%)

    And… Tadaaa!

    4: Saab 9-3
    Jul: 895, +218.50% <—
    Jan-Jul: 6.843, +66.82%
    Market share this year: 4.20% (2.66%)

    5. Ford Focus (352)
    6. VW Passat
    7. VW Golf
    8. Toyota Corolla
    9. Peugeot 307
    10. Skoda Fabia

    13. BMW 3-series

    14. Audi A6

    16. Audi A4

    18. Opel Astra

    19. BMW 5-series

  5. Sorry to hear about the Viggen trouble Swade. Also, how can the 9-3 hit the list of the most unreliable cars? That is a mystery to me.

    Well, new month and new sales figures (Hopefully the will not rank their new car as unreliably).

    Saab has once again done well in the Swedish market.

    9-5 up 23.6% in July, YTD 48.1%
    9-3 up astonishing 218.5% and YTD is up 66.8%

    The market as a hole did good in Sweden and cars sold is up almost 10%in July and YTD is up 5.7%

    So Saab is continuing taking a bigger piece of the Swedish market.

  6. Hey!
    CTM, I did hold on to those figures just to let you publish them…But after 1 hour I just thought that maybe you has vacation or something!
    When I hit the publish button, you had just done the same…
    Sorry all for echoing

  7. About the tires, I’ve used Michelin Pilot Sport and they are with out a doubt the best on the market. My girlfriend has had her pilot sport tires on her viggen for over 20’000 km now and they don’t look like they’ve ever bin used… Mine are still good even though I’ve driven at least 35000 km with them…

    My dunlop sport 2000 that came with the viggen rims needed to be replaced after 18000 km…

  8. Michelin you say?
    That´s god news since I had decided to replace my 17″ rims to 16″ just because I’m all fed up changing tyres every spring. It’s way to expensive!
    My contis costs my about 6000 SEK a every year…That is 500 SEK a month = about 70US$…every month. That is so irritating.
    The tyres I do want (also conti) is more quit, more comfortable, better in rain and poor tarmac and cost a little less. Also it doesn’t wears out until 4000 km.
    But they are only available up to 16″

    So with this new info, I just might keep these rims after all!
    Tanks Tim! This will help me keep the original appearances of my Saab!

  9. Viggen wheels and tyres- didn’t we do this before. Michelins are great- they last- esp the Pilots.But the wet grip?

    Continentals have good wear rates and great wet grip. I stick by them now.

    Pirellis are a no-no on a viggen – too soft – great grip though.

    Surely someone in the USA has run Bridgestones or Yokos on a Viggen- might be a good web search? Yokos have a good rep.

    Of course, whicherver tyre the Abbott rescue kit should help tyre wear…

    Here in Pommyland where the roads are crap- the worst in this patch of europe, Viggen owners get fed up with wheel failures. Most switch to Saab rim :Alu 36.

    Swade, you could ruin the look of thing with the wrong wheels- some 16 inchers may look too small under the arches- with the Viggen bodykit making it more obvious.

    Its going to be interesting – keep us posted on the Viggen cheque book damage!

  10. I had similar problems with my old 9-3 which was a late 98. Yours exhibiting these shock problems when its about 7 years old is not uncommon. Try the Contis, they are best value for money/performance. I strongly suggest you look at the rescue kit form Elkparts or parts for Saab. It’s at least 1/2 the price of Abbott’s. I have one and it’s like driving a different car.

  11. Tim,

    Thanks for the word re Michelins.

    The problem with speaking to a tyre sales guy is that he’s always got something to sell you.

    Mongrels! I just wanted some good tyre advice with some reasoning behind it.

    Lance, I think it’ll be a wheel repair job. I couldn’t stand putting not stock wheels on it, except maybe those six-spoke hirsches, but they’re way expensive.

  12. Hi,
    Sorry for the Viggen problem. Even my 9-3 is only SE HOT, but with Nordic Stage1 it’s 230+ BHP and 350+ Nm (258 lb. ft) and I use Continental SportContact tires. Also I have a steering rack clamp and brace to reduce torque steering (from Elkparts).

  13. Swade,
    I don’t know how accurate this is but a friend just told me that you can buy actual Viggen wheels for over £100 less per wheel than Saab charge!?

    Apparently the Viggen wheel is a make called the ‘Moda’ and is model
    ‘R1’ – a stock Moda alloy. All you have to do is add saab wheel hub badges.

    There are also near identical alloys at other wheel makers too.

    Just a money-saving thought?

  14. Swade:

    When money allows, I think your car would look hot with the 17″ Aero rims that came with the 9-5 in 2000. These are some the best looming wheels Saab has made, IMO.

    See URL above. Were they available in Australia?

  15. old news to you but my vote goes to the Yokohama S306s… affordable brand name, excellent wet and dry grip and the wear for a performance tyre is pretty darn good.

  16. Mr Wade,

    I’d repair the rim, have it re-rolled and refinished. There’s a bloke up on the hill in West Moonah who does them, bit of a grumpy bastard though.

    Gouldy, forget finding bits for 9-3 Viggens and concentrate on finding me a good microfiche viewer! Either that or I’ll front up at Motors sometime and request a gearbox selector linkage adjustment on one of my v4’s. Or both. :o)


  17. I’ll keep my eye open for aone Drewsef.
    Sorry though m8 but i dont work @Motors at the mo they are too quiet and we are too busy packin fudge.Come down and i’ll give you a demo some time.
    Till then tight nuts and loose exhaust ports.

  18. Thank Matt, will keep an eye on it!

    I hope that you’re suggesting that I come down and watch you packing fudge rather than actually partaking in the act? I’ll drop over in the yellow Noddy car sometime in that case!


  19. Just about 3 month ago I sold my 4 pieces of 17″ factory Viggen Rims for USD300 (yes, three hundred bucks for 4 perfect Viggen rims… :((( unfortunately it’s very difficult to find buyers here in Hungary so I couldn’t get a good price for them.)

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