Viggen Wheel Repair (Part 2)

I wrote on part 1 of the wheel repair on my Viggen wheels yesterday. Click here to read it (or just scroll down).

It’s time now for the primer. I got this in from Drew via email this evening – and they’re looking sensational.



The rims are now primed, and they are absolutely immaculate!

First up I applied a two-pack etch primer to all areas of bare aluminium.
This was followed by two coats of two-pack high solids primer/surfacer,
applied wet on wet. I’ll let them cure for a few days now before proceeding.

All that’s required now is a light wet sand with P800 and ultra-fine sanding
sponge, after which I can apply the grey basecoat and semi-transparent
silver basecoat.

I’ve attached a few pics for your perusal……

Click on any of these pictures to enlarge.

Picture 502.jpg

Picture 499.jpg

Picture 498.jpg

Picture 495.jpg

Picture 501.jpg

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  1. Looks nice, but looks almost white for me… the original is a kind of satin aluminium or satin grey-silver. Don’t you think it’s too light grey?

  2. This is just undercoat, gents. This will be left to harden for a week and then the dark-grey base coat will go on and then the translucent silver. Finally, some clear on top will finish it off.

    The base grey and silver should be applied next weekend.

  3. Hey SG,

    That’s certainly what I’m aiming for!

    Up until quite recently, as in the last 2-3 months, replicating the Saab ‘shadowchrome’ effect has been an impossibility. Same deal with other brands too, in that a refinish tinter wasn’t available, and any damaged wheels simply had to be painted in standard metallic silver or be replaced outright.

    Now that the refinish product is available, however, few people have used it and it’s being sold for an incredible price for even a small quantity. Not only that, it’s as viscous as water, making application on a complex wheel shape very difficult. The solution?

    I’ve studied the ‘shadowchrome’ tinters of four different manufacturers, and have concluded that it’s simply a semi-transparent extra fine metallic basecoat applied over a dark coloured base colour (in Saab’s case dark grey, but usually black). To replicate this finish, I’ve mixed the finest metallic silver tinter available with enough ‘binder’ to give the same translucent ‘shadowchrome’ effect as original, which is topped off with a clearcoat.

    Now that the wheels are primed, I’ll let them cure before applying the new dark grey base colour. The silver and clearcoat will follow. No doubt more photos will ensue before I’m finished!


  4. People, you’ve just witnessed a first: a comment from Drew B that contains no abuse whatsoever. Consider yourselves fortunate.

    There must be a pig flying somewhere….


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