Viggen Wheels (Part 3)

It’s another weekend and my Viggen wheels are getting closer to being done.

Entry one saw the wheels straightened and the top coat rubbed back.

Entry two saw the primer applied.

This weekend the primer was given a wet sanding and then the basecoat was sprayed on. As mentioned previously, the finish we’re aiming for is one referred to as shadowchrome. The basecoat that went on today is a semi-gloss base layer that gives the shadowchrome layer (i.e. the silver topcoat) a reflective backing.

Here’s the wheels as they now stand, with the basecoat applied and ready for the silver to be applied next weekend. Click on the photos to enlarge.

As always, my thanks to local paintmaster, Drew B, who’s doing a magnificent job.

Picture 509.jpg

Picture 511.jpg

Picture 513.jpg

Picture 512.jpg

Picture 517.jpg

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