Wednesday Night Snippets

I’ve just come back from looking over the video we shot a few weeks ago. It was Saab vs BMW vs Audi.

There’s some great footage there, though it’s going to take a few long sessions to piece it together. We should have a preview clip available in a week or so (more likely to be the “or so” part).


I neglected to post anything last week, but Swede Team Motor were racing again on the weekend. I’ve emailed them to try and get a report and some images.

They now have an E85 racecar and last weekend would have been its second outing. Can’t wait to hear about it.


Thanks to all who wrote in comments and via email about my stepson’s trip to Trollhattan. Unfortunately he didn’t get there. I’ll let him tell the story:

Want to hear about Trollhatten? I’m not the man to ask…not yet.

Deciding to go to Trollhatten caused the most frustrating series of events to befall my travels. 2 days later i’m still reeling. My plan was to take the overnight train from Stockholm To Oslo that night and visit Trollatten during the day.

To start with, just after midnight as I was talking to an Australian in the hostel about Collingwood, I got stung by a bee on the bottom of my foot, i’ve never been stung by a bee or a wasp before in my life, it was a bad omen. I got on a train to Gothenburg at 10am with no trouble from Stockholm, I left my main bag in a locker in Stockholm and just took my day pack.

I got to Gothenburg and figured out where the bus to Trollhatten went from and while I was inquiring thought I might as well reserve a seat on a train back to Stockholm for that evening. They were, without exception, all fully booked. I was stunned. They leave every hour and they’re huge, there were still over 6 left to go that day, ridiculous.

All of a sudden I had to worry about getting back to Stockholm and getting my pack and getting on an overnight train to Oslo, for several reasons, not least of which being I had no accommodation plans for the evening as I was planning on going on the overnight train. So I had to get on the next bus back to Stockholm within 15 minutes of getting to Gothenburg, which of course I had to pay for as its a bus not a eurail train.

I got back to Stockholm an hour before the train was due to leave for Oslo, and was told all seats were taken because another train was delayed and they put them on the train I needed to get. So I stayed in the train station overnight, or would have if it didn’t close at 12:30.

So I stayed in the bus station, or did until IT closed, at 1:00.

So I used the internet in a 7/11…until it closed at 2:30.

Then I had to walk around until 5am when the train station re-opened and got on a train to a place near Oslo, then on another train…that was delayed to Oslo. I made it to Bergen a day late but that’s ok, I still have time to see the Fjords and spend a day in the city.

Ah, the joys of backpacking!

He still plans to make the pilgrimage as he figures there should be Saab bits just laying around everywhere and he can take care of Christmas and birthdays for the next 10 years all in one go.

Don’t know when, but he will get back there.

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