You might be a Saab owner if…

I hadn’t visited SaabCentral for a little while, so you can imagine my pleasure when I discovered this thread sitting in the lounge.

It’s a repository for all the things we seem to share as Saab owners, and SaabKen says: “I find it absolutely amazing that there are so many things listed here that we all do in common, as if we were simultaneously subliminally programmed by some dark powerful force from Trollhattan” – he’s referring to the place, not the blog ๐Ÿ˜‰

Go on over and check it out. A great way to kill 5 minutes.

A few of my favourites. You might be a Saab owner if…..

2. 100K miles is a baby
19. You start thinking about a holiday in Sweden
21. You have a spare DI casette lying around
31. you talk to the mechanics at the dealer or Saab specialist shop and you know things they don’t.
53. You park far away from every other car in the parking lot, but if theres a saab, you park right next to it (which is probably parked far away).
61. You don’t mind the sucking noise you hear when you open your wallet

Currently up to 115. Go add yours….

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  1. Great fun. #73 has me pegged.

    I added a few, at the risk of embarrassment.

    Ken: You’ve got an unhealthy lack of trust in the fuel system of your 9-3. Take a step back, take a deep breath, and dream of a Saab with no need for a DI Cassette. That Saab is available NOW. The Classic 900 RULES!!!

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