9-7x: axe confirmed


It’s been mentioned several times before by various publications speculating on Saab’s future model line. It’s also to be expected given it’s genesis, but it’s still interesting to hear discussion of the axe falling on the 9-7x from none other than Jan-Ake Jonsson himself.

Ttela.se – a Swedish paper – had a story on the demise of the 9-7x this weekend. Included in that story were comments by Jan-Ake Jonsson that confirmed that once the 9-4x comes along the 9-7x will be history.

Of course, given that the 9-7x is now the second-best selling Saab in the US, that means that the 9-4x is going to have to be a great SUV. It’s noted in the story that the 9-4x will be significantly smaller than the 9-7x. Previous stories we’ve seen on the subject indicate that the 9-4x will be a car-based SUV. And in a move that should please most of the 9-7x’s detractors, it’s reported that it’ll be “distinctly Saab”. From previous stories here at TS:

Saab will get a Crossover.

The Swedish design department have worked for some time at this model, in which they have tried to make a car with Saab values from the beginning, so says an employee of the fabric to AutoTelegraaf.nl. The car, a cross between a hatchback, combi and an SUV, has been developed the last months, parallel with the Crossover based on the Subaru crossover (Tribeca). Saab will start sales late 2007, at the earliest. “We will never join a running project again when developing a new Saab,” says the employee.

The sevenperson Crossover based on the Subaru B9 Tribeca seemed to become a Subaru with a Saab badge. According to reports, it was very difficult to turn the car into a real Saab. “We mustn’t forget that we cannot fool our customers. The are highly educated and have high demands. They won’t accept a Saab that doesn’t reflect Saab values for the full 100%. For the new Crossover, we started with an empty piece of paper. That’s the only way we can make a real Saab, with the hockeystick shape of the rear windows and the ignition lock between the front seats. This Cross-over will be a real Saab.” It isn’t based on another model, however Saab will use components of her sister-companies. Furthermore will the by Saab developed techniques under the skin, be used by other makes in the GM-concern.


Saab has got high expectations of this creation. “The Crossover based on the Subaru had it’s limitations. For example, in the original design, they hadn’t considered a diesel engine. In Europe the success of a car is set by the availability of diesel engines. The new type will be available with potent diesel engines from the start.” The car will be offered for sale all over the world. Where the production will be isn’t known. It is too early in the developement process to know that.

Thanks to Mts for the tip on ttela.

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  1. SAAB needs a vehicle like this! I still don’t know why SAAB did not use the Cadillac SRX as the base for the 9-7x rather than a Chevy Trailblazer. I am the biggest GM hater of all, but if you are going to build a SAAB SUV using a GM platform, at lest use the most sporting, highest regarded, crossover platform GM makes. Car and Driver LOVES the SRX for its utility and sporty handling (for an SUV).

  2. Once again, Saab 9-7X is not based on a Chevy TrailBlazer so why does everybody keep saying so? It is based on a Buick Rainier, take a look at the Rainier, TrailBlazer and the 9-7X. Rainier has the same wheel arches, the same C-pillar and the same roof rails. TrailBlazer is completly different on these things. Yes I know that Rainier and TrailBlazer is esentialy the same car but 9-7X is based on the former.

  3. You have got to be kidding me! Who cares about the wheel arches, C-pillar, or roof rails! How do these effect the way the car drives, feels, corners… Those who hate the 9-7x don’t dislike it because it looks like a Buick Rainier or Chevy Trailblazer with a SAAB nose, they dislike it because GM took an ancient Chevy TRUCK platform and tried to make is a SAAB! Granted they did a great job with what they had to work with, but think what they could have done with a quality, new platform like the SRX.

    P.S. What platform do you think the Buick Rainier is built on… A Chevy Trailblazer!

  4. Greg’s right — the mid-sized GM SUV will be changing. A crossover makes more sense for Saab anyway, so, like the others, I like the move.

    On a somewhat unrelated note, I rented a Saturn Aura this past week in Florida. Nice, very nice. Very un-Saturn. GM said that the Saturn line would go upscale and this car is a good first step. The leather seats were very good, almost as good as the seats in Saabs, 17″ (my guess) wheels, clean styling and an attractive, if a bit plain, interior. IIRC, this is built on the Opel platform that is related to an upcoming Saab. Does anyone know the connections?

  5. I know a lot of people are complaining about det 9-7x. But how many of you have actually driven one, let alone seen one in real life? How come it sell so good if it’s so bad? And, I have seen some pretty good reviews of it in the press – a lot of them have been shown here on this site. It attracted customers to Saab.

    Why is a Saab 9-3 (built on old left-over Vectra parts taken of the shelfs in Rüsselheim) more “Saab” than the 9-7x?

  6. They dont know where the 9-4X will be produced as its too early in the development process?! If so then I highly doubt we are going to see said car before mid 2008 at the earliest!

  7. Zippy,

    That quote is from an article published in October 2005, so we’re around 12 months along that road now. I’d say that’s sorted at this stage.

    I should have made that clearer in the text.

  8. The 9-4X will be on sale in the spring of 2008 as a 2009. Around march or april of 2008. This comes from an extremely reliable source. Some specs are as follows: the 2 engines – the 2.8v6 250hp and a new 300 hp turbo. The vehicle will be produced in Mexico for all markets. And the design is something of a cross between FX45 and a Land Rover Discovery but with the AeroX front end design language. The platform being a modified Epsilon 2.

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