9-7x new and used

New 9-7x


Autoblog managed to dig up a picture, though I couldn’t find one on the GM Media site when I first wrote this article. Gotta say, if you’re into these things, that this is one fine looking SUV.


As was mentioned at the Saab Owners Conference last month in the US, Saab are releasing a limited run of 500 9-7x’s known to be known as the “Altitude Edition”. There’s no pictures yet, but the Altitude comes in a new 9-7x color called Carbon Fibre Grey Metallic (which in the US they call “Carbon Fiber Gray Metalllic”). From the press release:

Beyond the extremely rich standard equipment of the 9-7X, the Altitude Edition includes 18″ alloy polished wheels, and side assist steps, a rear DVD player, and an exclusive carbon fiber gray metallic paint. The package will be offered at a savings of nearly $1,000 than if the items were ordered individually. The package is available on the six-cylinder 9-7X 4.2i and the 9-7X 5.3I V8 – which will bring the total vehicle price (MSRP, destination charge and Altitude package) to $42,130 and $44,130, respectively.

The rest of the 9-7x range get On-Star’s turn-by-turn navigation and another new color, Crystal Blue Metallic. I’ll get pics of these up as soon as they become available.

Used 9-7x

Here’s an article, the first I’ve seen, espousing the value of a 2005 9-7x as a good quality second hand vehicle.

I don’t think there’d be many around at all, but it’s hard to argue with them.

* Still basically new but less cost for ’05
* High reviewer opinion and even higher owner’s opinion of the vehicle
* No recalls on the vehicles
* Tried and true platform
* Very few changes from ’05 to ’06 model

As mentioned, good luck finding one, but if you’re in the market for an SUV and a new 9-7x would push the bank balance a little too far, then maybe it’s worth hunting around.

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  1. Thats a pretty sharp looking Trailblazer.

    Swade, I have to agree with you on the 9-7X. I can’t help but like them. I’d never buy one though…

  2. Nearly as good looking as a 92x and almost half as much fun to drive – on twice the fuel.

    Ok, its a good looking car & by all reports good to drive but…..needs some diesel power. Or a turbo?

    Displacement on demand is decent iniative.

  3. My previous comment got lost in cyberspace so here is a short version of that comment.

    Saab 9-7X is not based on a Chevy TrailBlazer so stop saying so. It is based on a Buick Rainier, take a look at the Rainier, TrailBlazer and the 9-7X. Rainier has the same wheel arches, the same C-pillar and the same roof rails. TrailBlazer is completly different on these things. Yes I know that Rainier and TrailBlazer is esentialy the same car but 9-7X is based on the former.

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