9-7x tested in Canada

The 9-7x has been a topic for conversation lately:

* It’s now the second-best selling Saab in the US, outselling the 9-5 every month so far in 2006.

* The Altitude Edition for 2007 has been announced (even Edmunds are running it, though with a non-Altitude picture).

* People seem to agree that it should be fitted with a diesel engine for sale in Europe.

So what better time to bring this 9-7x review from The Province, a newspaper from my home-away-from-home, British Columbia in Canada. Our reviewer is Keith Morgan, or K-Morg as his peeps in the NBA would call him.

It’s another one of those slightly confused reviews where someone questions the Saab input into the vehicle and then proceeds to write several paragraphs that subliminally explain why they’re wrong.

First there’s this….

The Saab 9-7X is the renowned Swedish marque’s first sport utility vehicle but is it really a Saab?

….It is built in Ohio.

Apparently, Real Swedes did show up to lower the ride height of the vehicle by a few centimetres and to firm up the frame, dampers and springs. So, I guess it doesn’t come much more Scandinavian than that.

Which is quickly followed by this…..

The Looks:

The front is distinctively Saab –the trademark grille and lighting, the slope of the windshield. But as you take in the profile you see a tweaked TrailBlazer and Envoy. Having said that, who cares? — It’s a handsome beast, classier looking than its stablemates

And this…..

The Saab look continues inside…..

Aaaah. No need to review the reviewers too much as we all know their foibles when it comes to Saabs by now. It’s just an amazingly consistent behaviour pattern.

The verdict?

Keith likes it. In spite of efforts to convince himself otherwise he found the V8 to be more economical that the 6, the interior to be roomy and comfortable despite it’s lack of genuine Saab seats and in the looks department, well, we all know that it looks 10 times better than it’s GM siblings. And K-Morg agrees.

Saab is a latecomer to this important vehicle category but it’s hardly a first effort given its GM association. It’s a good addition to the market segment and competitive with its luxury competitors.

There’s a good run down of the competiton within the price bracket too, which makes for interesting reading.

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  1. Once again, Saab 9-7X is not based on a Chevy TrailBlazer so why does everybody keep saying so? It is based on a Buick Rainier, take a look at the Rainier, TrailBlazer and the 9-7X. Rainier has the same wheel arches, the same C-pillar and the same roof rails. TrailBlazer is completly different on these things. Yes I know that Rainier and TrailBlazer is esentialy the same car but 9-7X is based on the former.

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