9-7x Transformer Ad

Thanks to Robert for the reminder…..

Those that frequent this site regularly would know that I’m a fan of the 9-7x. It’s serves a niche that Saab werent catering to and it serves it well. It’s been written up consistently as the best GM vehicle in it’s class and that’s a great achievement for Saab.

Yeah, I know that a V8 ain’t necessarily a neat fit with the Saab ‘more from less’ tradition, but there’s not doubt that it does what it does at high level. Saab owners are staying with the brand because of it and some new folks are coming along as well – and for a stop-gap model it’s a good thing.

I first saw this a while ago and I’m not sure if I covered it then or not. It’s the 9-7x Transformer advertisement and whether you like it or not (and some won’t), you can’t argue about the quality of the production. Good stuff. Hopefully SaabUSA are saving some ad money for when the Transformers movie comes out.

You can watch the ad here and you can watch the making of the ad here.

Below are some screenshots.







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