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Now that we’ve crept up over 200 votes, I think it’s fair enough to review the results of the Saab advertising poll I posted here a few days ago.


As you can see, Born From Jets has led the pack, with Move Your Mind coming a decent second.

For the record, Move Your Mind would have been my choice.

Regardless, I can definitely see why Born From Jets would take the prize. The ads are well made and the slogan is representative of Saab’s heritage. Listening to Jay Spenchian speak at the SOC it seemed that the campaign certainly has made an impression too, with focus group testing showing high rates of acceptance and enthusiasm for the ads.

I guess the good thing about Born From Jets is that it does say something about the product, and it relates the product to something that’s cool.

Move Your Mind speaks to me the most because it’s the campaign that’s been used the most here in Australia and as a Saab enthusiast I understand the culture. I understand that choosing Saab isn’t mainstream and I love Saabs exactly for that reason. Not only are they incredible to drive, they’re different from anything else out there. For most motorists, deliberately choosing a Saab involves a paradigm shift.

The State of Independance probably works in a similar way, primarily for American users.

We Don’t Make Compromises received fair support for an older campaign, however I’m not sure that a campaign like that could fly nowadays without attracting an adverse reaction that was way out of proportion.

Find Your Own Road? I don’t know much about this but the ads look like the essence of “quirky” and as I hate the use of that word in relation to Saab, it’s best I just leave the whole thing alone.

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  1. They weren’t in the survey.

    I guess one of the restrictions of this site is that it’s limited to stuff I know about. And these weren’t things that I knew about. It’s an obvious shortcoming but I’ll have to cope with it.

    How many votes do you predict they would have received?

    I’d guess maybe 2% for the first one and 0% for the second. Just my guess though.

  2. Swade,

    You’re probably right on the percentages as it seems like Born From Jets is just a good tagline with the majority.

    Good idea of having the survey!


  3. Counter to your opinion, I equate ‘Move your mind’, ‘State of Independence’ and ‘Find your own road’ — all speak to a departure from the average car and an affinity for the thinking man’s car. I chose ‘Find your own road’ because it’s actually automotive (roads).

  4. Eggs, I don’t mind the actual “Find Your Own Road” slogan too much. As you mentioned it’s got that hint of independant thought etc.

    It’s just the ads that I associate with it that I didn’t like too much, those animated ones with the swirly colors etc. Never appealed to me.

  5. Ah, in that case, I agree. Those ads were a little soft, but I liked the copy and the voice-over content. Perhaps resurrect the copy paired with Saabs traversing snow-covered mountains and twisty bucolic lanes? It would work, I tell you.

  6. Hate to be an agent from the dark side but……How good is the current BMW 3 series ad? Go to and look under ths fascination section at TV ads. Turn the sound up.

    Imagine a Saab ad done like this – talk about maximising your heritage.

    FWIW swade, I like MYM as well.

  7. Oh Pete, you really have crossed over, haven’t you? Next you’ll be telling me that you’re my father and that I should strike the BMW down, release my anger…..

    …goes off to check ads…..

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