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I’m so mad right now…….damn teenagers!!

Anyway, today was our national football code’s Grand Final. Same teams as last year, the West Coast Eagles and the Sydney Swans. As I live with three Sydney supporters, you can guess who I had to support.

Last year we were rejoicing as the Swans hung on for a sensational victory. This year it was tears all round as the Eagles hung on in the last quarter to win the premiership by 1 point (85-84).

So that’s Sydney part1.


“Sydney part 2” is just a quick note to let any readers of this site in Sydney know that I’ll be coming up your way late October for the Australian International Motor Show at Darling Harbour.

If anyone wants to hook up for a feed on Friday night, Oct 27th, drop me an email and we’ll see what can be organised.


Damn teenagers!

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  1. When do you intend to arrive ??? Can you make it on the first week of the show then. I am in Kuala Lumpur that week and I would have been delighted to meet.

  2. Joe,

    I’ll be arriving on Wednesday the 25th, going to the press day for the show on the 26th, hanging out on the 27th and then back home on Saturday 28th.

  3. Why would have to be that dam week ??? That is the week that I’ll be in KL. We’ll re-group on my next trip to Hobart which may be until early 07 then. We’ll let you know.

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