Another ad thought

Watch this ad.

Now watch it again and imagine the visuals in reverse but the voiceover remaining intact. Feels more comfortable wishing that beautiful black classic 900 was the newer car, doesn’t it?

Don’t flame me, please. The car that I own and love was based on the NG900 shape. It’s just that that classic 900 in black is so elegant, it actually looks more modern than the replacement. Imagine if they’d used an Aero T16S instead of this bog standard 900 with no body kit at all!

Funny how with 12 years of hindsight this seems like the classic lesson in what not to do.

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  1. Swade,

    I can remember people always asked me when they either saw or drove in my C900 a question almost as classic as the model itself

    “What year is this? It seems brand new!”

    This speaks volumes, but is it loud enough for Saab to hear?

  2. Please.. the Ng900 has nothing on a classic 900i both in looks and build quality,
    hmm 1993 900 Aero-s or a 1994 Ng900 based on a bloddy opel chassis, hmm hard question but i would take the 900i hands down over any Saab

    Flame on!!


  3. Either I didn’t write clear enough, or the children of Victoria are in dire straits in terms of their education.

    You did realise I was saying the C900 was a much nicer, more modern looking car, don’t you Al?

    Back to school for you, sonny Jim!

  4. My sweetheart is obviously the OG900. I owned a 1986 MY 900i coupe, it was my first private car and the beginning of the love of Saabs.
    But let’s get back to the earth. When the GM900 (AKA NG900) released it was really time to change. Even there is no doubt that the original 900 is a classic, unique and beautiful car, some safety and comfort features were outdated. Also the shape needed to be refreshed – just because that’s the way how the market works. Saab is not a small series luxury car to keep the style unchanged for long time.
    I used my OG900 for 7 seven years, then an NG900 for 1 year and 9-3 for 2 years. I really can compare them.
    The OG900 was more robust, strong and stylish with huge compartement but it also suffered several problemes.
    Of course, if I would have enough budget in the future, I would buy again a classic 900 – but not for first car, not for everyday use.

  5. I miss hearing Mark Lenard narrate the Saab commercials. He has a great voice and it always seemed to fit the brand quite well.

    For those who aren’t sci-fi geeks like me, Mark Lenard played Sarek, Spock’s father, in “Star Trek.”

  6. i agree, the old one looked much much better… if you morphed between an Aero-S in Airflow kit and a 9-3 Viggen there might be less in it… but a base model 5 door NG with a *cough hack* non-turbo V6 from a 3-door C900? Hahahhah.

  7. Well, Swade, when you mention the lack of an Aero-version (SPG-ish here in the States), I must say that a 2-door Viggen would be a nicer choice for the 2nd car (Yeah, I know the Viggen wasn’t out when this ad was made, but since we’re all living in a non-reality, please lend me this indulgence).

    Glad to be back online a bit, I’ve been out of the loop for about 5 weeks. (Most of it spent backpacking.)


  8. C900 vs NG900/9-3….

    C900 FTW!!! C900’s will always be my favorite Saab’s to drive…. and sorry, but SPG’s are way more fun to drive than Viggen’s…. Viggens are nice, don’t get me wrong….. I would love to own one, but SPG’s and T16S (Aeros) are not even comparable… The SPG will always be #1 in my heart. God how I miss mine :'(

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