August Saab Sales – Sweden

All the news this week has come out of the US, with the Saab Owners Convention and the Interview with Jay Spenchian.

There are other places in the world, however, and thanks to ctm (always quick off the mark) we have sales data for Sweden for August 2006:

Not that good for 9-3. Hopefully people have waited the new 07 model and deliveries will start in September…

Aug +9.2%
Jan-Aug: +6.1%

1: Volvo V70
Aug: 1351 vehicles, +6.29%
Jan-Aug: 19.124, +21.35%
Market share this year: 10.32% (9.02%)

2: Saab 9-5
Aug: 981 vehicles, +62.14%
Jan-Aug: 9.487, 49.47%
Market share this year: 5.12% (3.63%)

3: Volvo V50
Aug: 708 vehicles, -2.74%
Jan-Aug: 8.273, +9.46%
Market share this year: 4.46% (4.33%)

4: Saab 9-3
Aug: 517 vehicles, -40.98%
Jan-Aug: 7.360, +47.85%
Market share this year: 3.97% (2.85%)

As you can see, the 9-5 continues to post some huge year-on-year gains due to the refreshed model and the Biopower drivetrain. The 9-3 had a down month in August, but still retains strong gains for the full year compared to 2005 figures as well.

Congratulations to Saab Sweden. Keep going hard!


I also have preliminary numbers for the US market, where Saab moved 3,168 vehicles for the month. This was an improvement of 11.9% over August 2005 in a month where GM was flat over all.

I’ll post model numbers soon.

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