Biopower 9-3 coming for Sweden

That headline shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. There’s been some rumblings about the 9-3 getting a Biopower setup for some time. A 9-3 Biopower makes perfect sense.

What we haven’t had yet is a solid sense of the timing.

I can’t be sure about how solid this information is, but I’ll give it a run anyway. Perhaps we can get some confirmation from someone else who’s in the know.

Via comments, we have the following:

In February 2007 we will have 9-3 Bipower (BP)models in Sweden, 1.8t in BP version will get about 175 Bhp and 2.0t will get about 190 Bhp.

I’m sure this is going to lift the sales numbers for the 9-3 in Sweden, though I do worry about the cost to the 9-5 in doing so.

The 9-5 has seen some huge sales growth this year due to the Biopower option, which fits in with the Swedish environmental outlook as well as receiving favourable tax concessions. The 9-3 in a Biopower form will cetainly give more choice to the consumer, but it may lead one Saab model to cannibalise the sales of another.

Hopefully it won’t be too long before there’s a new 9-5 to spark the interest once again.

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