Every Country Needs These

I have two defining moments in my lifetime Saab experience.

The first of these is my first Saab experience – a rather dangerous and irresponsible 200 km/h ride in a 1986 Saab 9000 Turbo on the road into Philip Island (with a 3-series on our tail). The second was my first experience on the track at Baskerville Raceway here in Tasmania.

The first sold me on getting a Saab one day, and the second has me thinking of joining a second car club that participates in some form of lighthearted motorsport.

Which is why every country should have one, if not both, of these:

An Autobahn


And a Nurburgring

a-bahn nurburgring.jpg

It looks like this lucky Saab owner’s had the pleasure of whipping his 9000 around ‘The Ring’. I can only hope I get the same opportunity some time. Just a couple of laps around our local track is enough to get the addiction started. I can’t imagine what a session at the Nurburgring might do.

Anybody out there driven it? Or the Autobahn?

Is it, as I suspect, a must-do experience if and when I finally make it over there?

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  1. Swade, living in germany, I have driben both – the autobahn (in fact, 100 km daily – one way to work is about 50 km for me) and the nordschleife of course. Although I driven it not in Saab (it was a lancia delta), it was a lifetime experience. Everyone who calls himself a car enthuisiast, have to drive the Nordschleife almost once. No excuses 🙂


  2. Autobahn
    to drive on the German Autobahn is not different to drive on any Autobahn in Europe beside that you can sometimes legaly drive 260 km/h. More and more Autobahn km have speed limits and the traffic situation doesn’t allow secure high speed driving any longer.

    Nürburgring (Nordschleife)
    You can’t compare the Green Hell experience with any other racetrack experience. It’s not as secure to drive on it as on other race tracks (ask Niki Lauda :O)), but it is definitly a life time experience which has to be repeated and repeated and….

  3. Manfred: Sorry to hear that the speed limits are encroaching. However, 260 km/h = 156 miles/h, so that’s about as fast as I’d want to go. Shoot, my ’88 900 ‘vert shouldn’t be above 100 m/h (165 km/h) anyway.

    What’s always scared me about driving on the Autobahn someday is the possibility that some careless motorist would move in front of me while I was passing at high speed. Physics is a ruthless taskmaster!

  4. No Autobhan but I did hit Montana a few years back while they still had no daytime speed limits. It was strange, Montana is so vast and open that moving along at a clip of 145mph (232km/h) is less thrilling than 45mph (72km/h) on a twisty by-road down along “the river” in my home of Ohio. Unless of course you consider the sudden realization and pang of fear over the fact that you are going way too fast for the rating of your tires, thrilling.

    Montana now has a daytime speed limit, in order to keep the idiots with Ferraris in California from coming up and killing themselves, but it has been my experience that it is only enforced around population centers.

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