Ford and the 9-3 Convertible

No, not that Ford. Royal Ford of the Boston Globe has been driving the 20th Anniversary 9-3 ‘Vert.

Ford’s a long time Saab driver and he’s not backward in giving the company a pasting when he feels it’s warranted. But he’ll hand out the bouquets as well. Back in February he went postal on the 9-3 for its interior finish and shortly thereafter heaped praise on the 9-7x. He’s a man with an open mind and a legitimate affection for the sporting Swede.

So it was with no small amount of interest that I stumbled upon this recent review of the 47-letter Saab. Would he mention the interior once again or would that wind-in-your-hair experience shift his focus?

Inside, the electric blue trimmed leather — firm and tightly bolstered for hips and sides — plays nicely off the signature electric blue metallic paint that colors the 20th anniversary edition.

That’s it. Looks like the fine 20th Anniversary setup and the roof-down experience ran inteference. And it also reads as if the experience was all-encompassing. No surprise either as it’s a hell of a ride.

Royal devises a theoretical test to describe how impressed he is with the Convertible’s construction:

Here’s a far-fetched proposal for testing the structural integrity and shudder factor of any convertible:

Drop the top. Duct tape the door edges and any openings leading to the trunk. Fill the cockpit with water. Climb aboard and, neck deep in water, hit the road, watching the surface of the water for disturbances.

You can’t actually do that, of course, but having been in many convertibles, I can predict some potential results.

Volvo C70: gentle ripples over the water.

Ford Mustang Shelby Cobra GT500: thrashing whitecaps.

Mitsubishi Eclipse GT: Small, rolling waves.

Predecessor to the Volvo C70: Batten the hatches for “The Perfect Storm.”

And for today’s test car, the 2006 Saab 9-3 Aero, I predict a gentle breeze on Golden Pond.

The Saab Convertible continues to impress. It’s a true Saab icon and how great it is that the 20th Anniversary sees the convertible at it’s best.

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